LB150 Series


Fujinon's world-class large binoculars provide powerful performance at night with outstanding resolution and light gathering ability.

Excellent Visibility at Dusk or Night

[photo] Astro-photography at night by the sea with the skies filled with stars

The superior nighttime light gathering power of LB150 binoculars makes them the favorite of many astronomers for comet watching. 

Outstanding Optical Performance

[photo] 3 glass elements with varying thickness leaning on against each other

High-quality EBC multi-coating for high resolution and sharp image throughout the field of view.

25 x 150

[photo] Fujifilm LB150 Series 25 x 150 MT-SX Binocular
25 x 150 MT-SX
[photo] Fujifilm LB150 Series 25 x 150 ED-SX Binocular
25 x 150 ED-SX
made to order

40 x 150

[photo] Fujifilm LB150 Series 40 x 150 ED-SX Binocular
40 x 150 ED-SX
made to order