[photo] Eluxeo Lite 6000 multi-LED endoscope system

6000 System


Multi-LED Endoscope System.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

LCI & BLI, the new standard

[photo] Eluxeo Lite 6000 multi-LED endoscope system

Multi-Light Technology

This technology enables creation of images suitable for intended purposes through image processing combined with accurate control of intensity ratio between multiple lights. 
It uses white light to depict subjects in natural colors as well as short wavelength light for higher contrast of fine vessels and structures of mucous membrane surface layers to create sharp images.
By adding signal processing to the images obtained through these lights, it is possible to provide not only white light images but also LCI/BLI images.

[image] White Light images of colon and stomach, Linked Color Images of colon and stomach, and Blue Light Images of colon and stomach
Energy-saving and long-lasting LED light source

Five features to facilitate smooth examination

(2) G7 control portion

(3) One Step Connector with Contact-free Technology

[photo] Cord being plugged into 6000 system
Contact-free  Technology

(4) Insertion Performance   

[image] EC-720R/M,I,L Control Portion and Scope with gradually increasing stiffness from distal end to the control portion
Advanced Force Transmission
Adaptive Bending