Clinical Applications


High speed scanning without compromise

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Get ready to transform patient care with greater efficiency

Reduce scan time for better patient comfort and improve the productivity of your facility. With shortened examination time, there is reduction of patient movement so the chances for rescans are minimized and radiologists do not need to worry about the loss of image quality anymore.

Experience the future of RAPID MRI Imaging

With IP-RAPID, our MRI systems deliver 2D and 3D images up to 60%* faster while maintaining high image quality. And with modern iterative reconstruction technology, the clarity and details of the images remain consistently high, no matter what the sequence or anatomy.
Here is what you can do with IP-RAPID:

  • Scan more patients and increase your productivity
  • Create room for unexpected or critical examinations
  • Cover more anatomy and sequences in the same time
  • Focus more on patient care
  • Shorten the breath-hold period to improve patient comfort
  • Achieve higher image resolution in a shorter scan time

* compared to same sequences without IP-RAPID, depending on scan conditions.

Pair up with quiet scans for increased patient comfort

The loud noises from MRI scans can add to stress and anxiety for the patient. In addition, patients must stay still during the whole duration for clear images. That is why we have IP-RAPID together with our quiet scanning feature SoftSound. The result: short and silent scans with clear images – boosting diagnostic value, operation productivity and patient satisfaction all at once.

Clinical Gallery

Brain MRI

Hip MRI Study

Brain MRI Study

Wrist MRI Study

Full Spine MRI

Wrist MRI scan

Neurovascular MRI and angiography MRA scan with IP-RAPID

Cardiac & Abdomen Gating Function