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You expect quick, precise and efficient support from ultrasound imaging.

So that’s what we deliver. Our flexible ultrasound solutions support doctors to diagnose a wide range of clinical conditions with different treatment strategies - from a standard screening process to highly specialised interventional procedures.

  • No matter what your approach is – we have the right ultrasound transducer for you.
  • Get a clear picture with our superior ultrasound image quality.
  • Enrich your procedures with advanced features like fusion and contrast imaging.
  • Biopsy the prostate confidently – from transrectal or transperineal, to systematic or targeted.
  • Manage kidney pathologies by looking at vascularisation in detail, and perform precise treatment guidance.
  • Find sources of pain, swelling or infertility in the testes and penis quickly and accurately.
  • Perform minimally invasive urological surgeries with precise ultrasound tools.

Detect, biopsy, diagnose, treat and follow up - with high-quality ultrasound solutions for all stages of urology patient care.

Prostate Imaging: Prostate cancer remains a formidable threat. Our wide variety of probes support you through precise screening, assessment, and biopsy for effective treatment of your patients.

Take a harder look at soft tissue to distinguish affected from healthy areas

Lesions in the prostate can be tough to spot, especially when isoechoic - and thus difficult to differentiate with just B-mode. So why not try complementary methods to view the tissue in another way: by stiffness, for example? Because malignant lesions tend to be stiffer than healthy tissue, you can now improve cancer detection with our strain elastography - which displays differences in tissue elasticity via a colour map. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the integrity of the prostate capsule.

Kidney & Bladder Imaging: Utilize high-quality ultrasound to check the anatomy and functionality of the urinary system for precise biopsy and treatment procedures.
Testes & Penile Imaging: Ultrasound scans can play a key role in assessing the male reproductive system, especially when the patient is in pain and needs immediate care.
Urological Surgery: Minimally invasive ultrasound-guided procedures can help reduce patient trauma, with accelerated recovery time. See how our dedicated solutions can enable safer, faster, and more flexible operations.
Choose the right solution for you: We know no two clinics are the same, which is why we'll find the ideal fit for your facility from standard to specialized probes, from entry-level to premium advanced applications.

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