Thanks to a compact shape and ease-of-use, the entry model is widely used in clinics.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

  • These videos are filmed with the system for the Japanese market. The actual appearance of the system may differ.
  • Screen displays and specifications may differ depending on the version of the system.

Preparing for examination            

1. Operation panel (0:05~)
2. Transducer connection(0:18~)
3. Power On/Off(0:37~)

Basic operation (B mode)

1. Input of patient information / Transducer and application changing(0:05~)

  • From the Home screen
  • With the [New Patient] key, input of patient information
  • From the [Probe] key, transducer and application changing

2. Gain adjustment(1:42~)

  • B mode gain adjustment
  • Gain adjustment by depths
  • Automatic gain adjustment

3. Dual display(2:43~)
4. Display range adjustment(3:10~)
5. Focus position adjustment(3:28~)
6. Zoom(3:56~)

  • Box zoom
  • Center zoom

7. Freeze(5:10~)
8. Cine Search(5:30~)
9. Body Mark(5:53~)
10. Entering comments(6:17~)

  • Entering texts
  • Entering a pointer
  • Deleting comments

11. Saving images(7:39~)

  • Saving still images
  • Saving videos

Operation of Color Doppler mode, D mode and M mode

1. Color Doppler mode(0:05~)

  • Color Flow mode
  • Power Doppler mode
  • eFLOW mode
  • Color Doppler gain adjustment
  • Flow Area settings
  • Flow area angle adjustment
  • Dual display of B mode and Color Doppler mode

2. D mode(2:01~)

  • Doppler waveform display
  • Sample volume adjustment
  • Angle correction <manual>
  • Angle correction <auto>
  • Velocity range adjustment
  • Baseline adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment of velocity range and baseline
  • D gain adjustment
  • Sweep speed adjustment

3. M mode(4:15~)

  • M mode display
  • M mode gain adjustment
  • Sweep speed adjustment

Measurement and other operations

1. Measurement(0:05~)

  • Distance Measurement
  • Deleting measurement results
  • IMT automatic measurement 
  • Blood flow velocity measurement <manual>
  • Blood flow velocity measurement <auto>

2. Other operations(2:05~)

  • Trapezoidal display of linear transducer
  • Puncture guide line display
  • Needle Emphasis
  • Arbitrary M mode display (FAM: Free Angular M mode)
  • Side-by-side display with slow-motion image (DSD: Dynamic Slow-motion Display)
  • History
  • Viewing Instruction Manuals


1. Review(0:05~)

  • Searching for an image
  • Image playback

2. Delete/Output(1:25~)

  • Deleting images
  • Image output in PC format
  • Image output in DICOM format