MANUAL X-RAY chemical is an all liquid concentrated chemistry for the manual processing of all medical X-Ray films. The chemistry comprises the XD-25 Developer and the XF-25 Fixer.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
XD-25 XD-25 Developer is a single-part liquid concentrate designed for the MANUAL processing of a wide range of medical X-Ray emulsions.It provides consistent radiographic quality for an extended period of time under normal manual processing conditions . Even when processing only a few films per day, XD-25 Developer will maintain excellent film contrast levels in working solution. 4 X 5L
XF-25 XF-25 Fixer is the recommended companion product for XD-25 Developer. This single part liquid concentrate Fixer can be diluted using one part concentrate with four parts water(1:4) . 4 X 5L