FUJIFILM Business Innovation Joins Forces With FUJIFILM to Showcase Advanced Printing Innovations at PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2022 Scheduled for October 19 – 22 at BITEC Bangna

News Release

October 12, 2022

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Thailand Company Limited partnered with FUJIFILM (Thailand) Company Limited to maximize overall business development and reinforce its expertise in developing printing innovation and technology in Thailand. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Thailand and FUJIFILM (Thailand) joined forces to showcase their advanced technologies and innovations at PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2022, which is the largest packaging and printing innovation and new technology exhibition in Southeast Asia, to deliver a new immersive experience in advanced printers and innovation services under the concept “Connect to the Future”. They also aim to revolutionize and modernize the old-fashioned printing format by digitizing the analog system in order to keep pace with the evolving digital world to meet the needs of diverse customers. Interested people can visit the printing technology exhibition booth (H01 Hall 100 - 101) of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Thailand and FUJIFILM (Thailand) at PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2022 scheduled for October 19-22, 2022 at BITEC, Bangna.

Mr. Masaaki Yanagiya, President of FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said “FUJIFILM has been operating in the printing industry for a long time. We have continued to develop new printing technologies and innovations in order to create new and innovative ideas in printing through the use of advanced printing technologies to meet the needs of customers as well as serving unsaturated demand in the market. The company introduced digital printing technology that can effectively produce a state-of-the-art color print from a digital-based image in a computer with speed and convenience. The digital printing technology can also accommodate print on demand to serve different requirements and preferences from individual customers. The company acknowledged a growth in demand for digital printing works particularly from SMEs and businesses in the e-commerce segment. Therefore, we are pleased to present advanced printing technologies and innovation at PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2022 to affirm its leadership and expertise in printing technology.”

The objective of participating in the event is to show the company’s potential in printing and advancement in printing technology from FUJIFILM so that business operators and interested people in the industry can stay updated with the latest printing innovations in the printing industry. This year’s event, FUJIFILM presents advanced printing technologies, innovations and solutions under the concept “Connect to the Future” to communicate with people in the industry about the arrival of new-generation production printers developed by FUJIFILM. It has an efficient performance that can meet the needs of all printing, packaging, labeling requirements to help create value added to all digital printing works as the e-commerce segment is enjoying exponential growth in the digital era. The company will be showcasing a host of advanced printing technologies and solutions as well as software that support automation such as the software developed for the automatic calibration of color presses and programs that enhance development of illustrations and graphics before going into production print. There is also a range of highly efficient functions for greater convenience in digital printing to exquisitely help increase the value of each digital print work.”

It is also the first time that FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. collaborates with FUJIFILM (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to jointly present production printing technologies and innovations that represent the advancement and potential in printing technologies developed by FUJIFILM. The two forward-looking companies will work collaboratively to optimize remarkable business performance and foster sustainable business development with a goal to become the No.1 Total Printing Solutions provider in the future.

Mr. So Maruo, Managing Director of FUJIFILM (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said that printing innovation is a strong fundamental driving growth of FUJIFILM. The company has continuously played a key role in promoting business operators and entrepreneurs in Thailand. FUJIFILM announced the launch of the “Never Stop Believing in Print” campaign to emphasize its commitment to continue moving the printing business forward with advanced digital technologies and new innovations leveraged to create a vast range of printing works and new ideas of innovative printing on multiple materials under the future-focused printing development concept tagline “From Office Printer to Commercial and Packaging Printing”. Customers can have hands-on experience in the printing innovation at our exhibition booth at the event.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and FUJIFILM (Thailand) Co., Ltd. present a range of printing innovations and IT solutions developed to support advanced printing as follows;

  • REVORIA PRESS™ PC1120 is the latest production printer developed for advanced printing process for high-quality printing and high productivity. It can support printing of special colors or hybrid metallic tones such as silver, gold, pink, and white. It can perfectly produce high-quality color printing on various materials or even on a plastic surface with high speed and seamless productivity. Moreover, the artificial intelligence (AI) based technology is leveraged to enhance automatic color calibration for high definition printing with smooth, vivid, and vibrant colors. The advanced printer helps enhance production printing efficiency for businesses and level up the printing industry. It is suitable for businesses that require top-quality printing for commercial purposes.

  • JetPress 750s High Speed Model is the latest high-performance printer model that uses SAMBA™inkjet printhead. Users can control the performance of the printhead to release the inks with inkjet printhead orifices smaller than a human hair. It operates at a high print speed of 100khz with high accuracy and durability which is FUJIFILM’s leading-edge, proprietary printing technologies. It is suitable for commercial and packaging purposes as well as high-end production print. It can print up to 3,600 sheets per hour in High Quality mode and 5,400 sheets per hour in High Performance mode.

  • Print management software programs for printing business. They include graphic design software and solutions for automatic color calibration such as XMPie Storeflow, IC3D, and FreeFlow® Core in order to optimize digital printing performance, higher quality, and better printing results.

  • The demonstration of the whole packaging, labeling manufacturing for print media from upstream to downstream manufacturing process, including graphic design, creating a 3D mockup visualization, printing and color calibration, and Di-Cutting process before going into production.

  • The Packaging Zone features a large number of packaging designs produced by FUJIFILM printers for visitors to witness the cutting-edge FUJIFILM printing technologies and innovations.

Those interested in printing technology can experience the future-forward printing technologies and idea-inspired innovations introduced by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Thailand and FUJIFILM (Thailand) at PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2022 with fun activities and lots of prizes provided on October 19-22, 2022 at booth number H01, Hall 100 – 101, at BITEC, Bangna.