Fujifilm Penetrates Healthcare Business Forging Ahead with its “NEVER STOP” Campaign to Cement its Leading Position in Diagnostic Imaging Innovation with AI Technology

Offering a total healthcare solution, the company aims at innovating for a better world

News Release

December 9, 2022

FUJIFILM (Thailand) Ltd. has announced to reinforce its commitment to never stop innovating for a healthier world. The company will continue to help solve social issues and build a sustainable society under its global branding campaign “NEVER STOP,” launched in 2019. In 2022, the company will forge ahead with its focus on healthcare business, the segment now forming the core of Fujifilm’s business. Leveraging its proven expertise in the imaging industry and vast experience in innovations, the company is set to improve the quality of life for people in society, creating new values to tackle society’s challenges. The company said its relentless pursuit of innovation is aimed at creating a more sustainable world.

Fujifilm is a global leader in innovations. The company is known as a leading maker of photographic film. Over the years, Fujifilm has reinvented itself to meet new demands and embrace new opportunities through non-stop innovation and diversification into new business areas to provide its cutting-edge solutions to customers across industries. Utilizing its expertise in the photographic industry to create innovations that add new values to society. The company has been growing and thriving through four businesses: 1. Materials 2. Business Innovation 3. Imaging 4. Healthcare.

Fujifilm now places great importance on its Healthcare business. The segment is in line with Fujifilm’s underlying mission is to find solutions for societal problems and help build a sustainable society. One of the primary goals of its Sustainable Value Plan 2030 is to improve global access to healthcare, reduce the burden on patients by providing innovative solutions for medical image diagnosis, and enable early detection of diseases using AI and IT solutions.

Mr. So Maruo, Managing Director, Fujifilm (Thailand) Ltd., said, “Fujifilm has a long history in healthcare since the launch of our world-renown X-ray film in 1936 or over 80 years ago. Our acquisition of Hitachi Healthcare in 2021 to set up Fujifilm Healthcare Corporation gives Fujifilm a more comprehensive lineup of products, especially in medical imaging. Apart from Fujifilm’s existing medical equipment such as digital x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound systems as well as mammogram machines, we are now able to present a complete and integrated portfolio of diagnostic products and services, including MRI and CT scan. Moreover, the integration of these solutions with advanced medical AI and Synapse 3D, Fujifilm’s medical information systems, enables accurate and timely diagnoses. The complete portfolio thus cemented Fujifilm’s position as the leading provider of total healthcare solutions.”

“Fujifilm Thailand has earned the trust of medical professionals since the company’s establishment in Thailand in 1989. Our strength lies in our capability to offer a comprehensive image processing solution that supports doctors' image diagnoses. We also offer timely and effective services and medical equipment maintenance. As a responsible corporate citizen, Fujifilm is firmly committed to solving social issues in Thailand, especially health inequality, which adversely affects Thais and society. We are dedicated to innovating for a healthier world for all and creating new values for society in line with our NEVER STOP campaign,” firmly stated Mr. So Maruo.

Moving forward, Fujifilm will continue to conduct its business by holding fast to its corporate slogan of “Value from Innovation,” while reinforcing its mission to create new products and services, helping the world overcome challenges and crises through state-of-the-art innovations. With the spirit of “NEVER STOP, Fujifilm’s corporate DNA, the company will never stop innovating for a better, more sustainable world for all.