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Science & Technology Learning Hub with Fujifilm

Hi! Welcome to our Fujifilm Learning Hub where you can learn all about the different ways we use science and technology! Find out more about how science works in your everyday life and how, at Fujifilm, we use these in different ways, from making cameras to growing cells to make sick people feel better.

You can download all of our exciting colouring books below. Print them at home or load them into your smartphone/tablet, and start learning with the gang!


Hi! I’m Phoebe Photon, and I am a particle of light. I can travel super fast – up to 300,00 kilometres a second!

Me and my photon friends bounce on things you want to take a photo of, before we head into your camera to help you take the perfect photo. There’s so much you can do with your photos – from looking at them on your TV to printing them for your photo albums.

How can we help you do all of these amazing things with a camera? Come and find out, with the help from Mr Jenkins the cat!


I’m Peter Pigment, and welcome to the ink factory! Me and my friends make things colourful – some may say we colour the world.

Raw material called pigment is actually made up of tiny, beautiful crystals – like me! At the ink factory, we take these crystals of all different colours and get them ready to make ink using special chemicals.

Inks are used to make colourful clothes, toys, puzzles and to print photos you’ve taken with your camera. Come take a look!

We love colouring the world! What are your favourite colours?


Hi, I’m Victor Virus! But the grown-ups call me AAV. AAV is short for an Adeno Associated Virus – what a mouthful!

Viruses like me make people scared, they think we’re all bad. But I can be very useful. It’s all thanks to my friends the scientists. They’re very clever! They can use viruses like me to help sick people get better.

A gene is a very small part of the body – but it’s very important! It tells your body how to grow, and how it is supposed to work.

I can deliver hope for some sick people so I guess I really am a DNA superhero!


Hi my name is Charlotte Cho and I am a very special cell with some pretty amazing super powers!

Did you know that all living things are made of millions and millions of cells? And did you know that cells are very important, as inside them all DNA is stored?

A long time ago I was one tiny cell like all others. Some pretty smart scientists discovered me as they were looking for ways to make proteins. Scientists can give me the superpower to make very special proteins to help keep people – like you – healthy.

I love being a Biotech superhero!