United Kingdom

“An excellent addition to an already very good system.” Fujifilm Install New Power-Assist Visionary Suite & C-Arm at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust. 

News Release

August 23, 2022

Innovation and ease of use are just two of the things that continue to set Fujifilm apart from the rest of the medical imaging market. When approached by United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust (ULHT) to help solve their x-ray solutions, Fujifilm went back to basics to understand their needs, wants and who will utilise the equipment. 

ULHT wanted to continue their relationship with Fujifilm because “Fujifilm are responsive and want to work with the team to provide an experience that meets the demands of a modern hospital,” while having supplied several systems to the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, they continue to “value the high-quality images produced.” 

Realising the troubles that radiographers have with standard x-ray rooms, Fujifilm and the ULHT chose to implement the FDR Visionary Suite with our new power assist function. The power assist allows quick, easy and efficient movement around the room to ensure that radiographers can capture their images conveniently, regardless of the needs of the patients. 

Fujifilm’s new FDR Visionary Suite with power assist offers ULHT an uptime of 99.8%, helping to increase the throughput, making life easier for radiographers, and helping to address with elective backlogs. 

Since implementing the new FDR Visionary Suite with power assist, Radiographer, Victoria Clark cited “Having recently returned to work following shoulder surgery, I have found the power assist on the Fujifilm equipment has made my clinical practice so much easier. I can perform examinations with ease which I would not have been able to do without this function.” Victoria continued to add, “the power assist is an excellent addition to a very good system.” 

Upon extensive use of the FDX Visionary-C, ULHT expressed how “the equipment is very intuitive to operate and very user friendly” while offering a “cutting-edge system that offers excellent value for money”.  

Reinforcing Fujifilm’s commitment to making user friendly and innovative equipment, Mark Dorn at ULHT added “Fujifilm continue to expand their portfolio without compromising on service and still maintain that personal touch”. 

Photo credits, left to right: 

John Casson (Fujifilm Medical Account Manager), Trudy Crosby (Superintendent Radiographer), Victoria Clark (Radiographer) and Sarah Finney (Trainee Assistant Practitioner)