United Kingdom

December 10, 2021

New Mobile for Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital

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During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital invested in a Fujifilm FDR nano mobile x-ray unit.  Initially used while the hospital was supporting the local NHS Trust in providing ongoing treatment for oncology and haematology in-patients, it is now mostly used for immediate post-operative pelvis x-rays in theatre recovery.


“During the first wave of the pandemic we were pleased to support our local NHS Trust, and like every healthcare provider we needed to adjust our procedures to protect our patients and staff” said Ami Boyle, Radiology Manager at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital.  “This meant more ward based x-rays were needed to keep patients isolated.  The FDR nano mobile x-ray unit proved to be particularly useful during this period as its small size means it’s easy to move around the hospital, especially in patient bedrooms.


“We were familiar with the FDR nano mobile x-ray unit as a number of Nuffield Health hospitals use them and they have a good reputation within our organisation.  We find the image quality is excellent, especially for pelvis x-rays, and the dose reduction technology is great.  Applications training was very thorough, everyone enjoyed the training sessions and we didn’t feel rushed at all.”


The FDR nano mobile x-ray unit uses Fujifilm’s advanced technologies to deliver reduced dose and high image quality without a heavy, bulky motor drive.  “We have found the new mobile really easy to move when the battery is out of charge because of the cart design” said Nicole Morgan, Deputy Radiology Manager.  “It can still be operated at very low battery levels and can also expose while it’s plugged into mains power, making it a flexible and versatile mobile x-ray system for a busy department.”

Photo credits, left to right:

Joanna Wilson-Brown – Radiographer

Ami Boyle – Radiology Manager

Iain – Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm

Nicole Morgan – Deputy Radiology Manager

Ann Lyka Gardose – Radiographer