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Fujifilm Offer Virtual Equipment Demos 

February 8, 2021

With ongoing local and national lockdowns affecting every area of life, and hospitals being impacted not only by the pandemic but also winter pressures and flu season, Fujifilm wanted to create safe and effective alternative to live product demonstrations.

To achieve this Fujifilm has created a portfolio of virtual tours for a range of products which can be delivered either online or on site.  For room solutions, this not only avoids the need for staff to travel off site to other hospitals, but also means more members of the team are able to attend the demonstration.  Mobile equipment can also be demonstrated as a virtual tour for sites where lockdown or other restrictions make delivery of mobile systems for live demo impractical at present.

“One of the challenges during the pandemic was how to assess potential new items of equipment,” said Eric Hughes, Radiology Services Manager at Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.  “Travelling to other hospitals was impractical and many sites were not accepting visitors.  A virtual tour was Fujifilm’s solution and it enabled us to place ourselves in various locations in the room to inspect aspects of the equipment much as we would have done had we attended the site.

“Because the Fujifilm virtual tour was an actual installation it also meant we could experience not just the equipment and it’s capabilities but also the build quality.  For future procurements a site visit will remain the ideal, but the virtual tour can provide benefits such as time savings which mean it will remain as one of the mechanisms available to help with selection of equipment in future.”

“In this extraordinary year Fujifilm has been constantly looking for ways to support our customers safely and imaginatively,” said Steve Leatherland, Business Unit Manager at Fujifilm.  “Our new virtual product tours offer a detailed exploration of the equipment, guided by one of our applications specialists and using actual 360 degree photographic views rather than CGI images.  We have tours featuring our FDR Visionary Suite x-ray room system, the new FDR Xair portable x-ray system, the FDR Go PLUS and FDR nano mobile x-ray systems, both of our new FDX Visionary C-arms and our Retrofit solution.”


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