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FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants develops and manufactures high performance aqueous inkjet inks, pigments and dyes, that are used in an expansive range of digital printing, security markings and other specialty applications. With a rich heritage in color chemistry, an enviable track record of product innovation and unparalleled development and large scale manufacturing capabilities fore more than two decades, you can be assured of world class, high performance products and service from a global leader.

Our custom-designed products cover an expansive range of applications:

Custom digital inkjet inks for fabric printing, packaging, labels, photography, wide format graphics and commercial printing.

Unique reactive dispersant technology meets the high performance and stability requirements of aqueous ink formulator.

Highly purified ready-to-formulate solutions offering ink developers the flexibility to create inks for a wide range of application.

Custom-made and highly confidential production of small to large quantities of exclusive aqueous inkjet inks.

High quality, industrial scale manufacture, with the latest chemical processes, proprietary technology and technical expertise.

Highly specialized materials for use as brand protection and document security.