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Striving to make a difference

FUJIFILM has summarized the importance, and it's commitment, to the environment in what it calls the FUJIFILM Group Green Policy that revolves around making sure our business practices of today will preserve and maintain the environment for the generations of tomorrow.

We have demonstrated this commitment by being one of the first industrial organizations in Greenwood County to join the South Carolina Adopt-A-Highway program, which is an initiative to ensure the roadways of South Carolina retain their pristine beauty. We have also joined forces with the Nature Conservancy to help publish a pictorial tribute to South Carolina's wetland wilderness, the ACE Basin. The books are being sold by the Nature Conservancy and all proceeds will help preserve this priceless and irreplaceable 350,000 acre natural sanctuary, which was recently added to the Nature Conservancy's list of the Earth's Last Great Places.

According to Fujifilm South Carolina's president, "We only have one earth. So, we must strive to take every measure possible to protect our planet and her resources." You'll find that this sentiment reverberates throughout our Associates and all of the company's practices from purchasing raw materials, to designing packaging and manufacturing processes, and recycling our waste materials. We consider the entire life-cycle of our products and processes including the impact they may have on our environment.

Cleaning up South Carolina roadways

Adopt-a-Highway began in South Carolina in 1988, with Fujifilm, joining the initiative in 1989. The program’s primary focus is to help keep South Carolina beautiful because the landscapes of South Carolina are some of its most important natural resources. Millions of tourists visit South Carolina each year just to admire its scenic beauty. That makes the beauty of South Carolina an important economic resource as well.

The program utilizes volunteers to pick up litter four to six times a year. Once an organization decides to participate in Adopt-a-Highway, it is committed for two years. After those two years, the organization may renew for another two years with the same road, or choose another road for two years if it would like to continue with the program.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) provides all of the necessary clean-up supplies such as vests and trash bags, and requires organizations to pick up the clean-up supplies. SCDOT also procives for the pick up of the collected litter bags left on the road-side on the Monday after the collection.

Fujifilm has adopted a two mile stretch of Highway 246 S. and Pucketts Ferry Road with collections usually starting at 11:00 am on weekdays or Saturday mornings. Any Associate who wants to volunteer is encouraged to do so, and sign up lists are provided by our Environmental, Health, and Safety department.

We average about 50 Associate volunteers per collection and pick up an average of 50 bags of litter each time, which totals about 700 pounds! We provide transportation to and from Highway 246 S. and Pucketts Ferry Road and after each collection, lunch is provided to all of the volunteers. At the end of the year, a drawing is held with each Associate’s name being entered once for every collection participated in for a chance to win one grand prize and a wide array of door prizes.

Our part in upholding the FUJIFILM Group Green policy

It is each FUJIFILM Associate's responsibility to consider individually, and collectively, actions necessary to reduce and/or eliminate burden on our site and in our community. Here at FUJIFILM, we subscribe to the Group Green Policy initiatives of:

Sustainable Development

  • Meeting the needs of the present generation while preserving the environment for future generations.

Environmental Quality

  • Designing and using environmental products that are safe, have less environmental impact, and are recyclable; maintaining the quality of site-wide activities that promote continuous improvement such as ISO 14001.


  • Measuring the value of our products (sales growth) in relation to the resulting environmental impacts (waste generation, emissions, energy usage, etc.). Improving eco-efficiency will reduce environmental impacts and support our company's sustainable growth.

ISO 14001 | FUJIFILM's commitment to the environment

FUJIFILM has always had a strong commitment to ensuring that its products and operations are environmentally friendly. This effort was officially recognized in 1999 when the FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., site in Greenwood, South Carolina achieved the prestigious ISO 14001 certification for all factories in our complex. Our complex continues to maintain this registration and has proven to be a leader in environmental excellence.

The main points of the ISO 14001 standard are identifying key aspects of our operations that can have an impact on the environment, and developing an environmental management system to control and/or influence the impact of those aspects on the environment. Conformance to this standard is only one way in which we protect and preserve our precious environment.

As part of our continual improvement efforts in regards to ISO 14001, we launched a Landfill Reduction team in April of 2006 with the goal of reducing our contributions to the landfill by 20% over the course of the next year. By December of 2006, through the outstanding support and efforts of our Associates, we achieved this goal a full three months ahead of schedule. This 20% reduction benefits the environment in several ways: approximately 450 fewer metric tons of waste going to the landfill annually, reduced fossil fuel consumption through a fewer number of trips to haul off waste containers, and greatly increased recycling of process materials.

Another project that was launched in 2006, was the construction of the 'Alum' production line which takes the aluminum waste-sludge from our lithographic plate factory and turns it into useful by-products, thus eliminating about 4,000 tons of sludge from the landfill annually.

On the whole, we recycle approximately 85% of our total waste, and we're continually making improvements to reduce our waste even further and increase our recycling.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental, Quality, and Safety Policy outlines the means by which FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., will manufacture products that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. We will prevent injuries, pollution and quality defects while ensuring resource conservation, sustainability, cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction and Associate wellness. This will be done through our commitment to:

  • The safety, health & wellness of our Associates;
  • The preservation and protection of the environment;
  • Continuous improvement while maintaining Constant Conditions;
  • Compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations as well as ISO and other applicable standards.