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Analysis, Evaluation and Simulation Technologies

Fujifilm supports its advanced materials development with analysis, evaluation and simulation technologies at nano, molecular and even atomic scale.

Fujifilm supports its advanced materials development with analysis, evaluation and simulation technologies at nano, molecular and even atomic scale.

JPress 720

The Fujifilm J Press 720 has set the bar for high-quality, short-run printing. Employing Fujifilm core technologies, the J Press 720, including Dimatix drop-on-demand inkjet print heads, is the industry’s first half-size, sheet-fed inkjet press that delivers a cost-effective, green solution with unrivaled printing quality.

Digital Cameras

In 1988, Fujifilm created the world's first digital camera to capture and record images on removable media. In 2009, it made the world's first 3D digital camera; and in 2011, Fujifilm redefined the high end compact digital camera with the world's first hybrid viewfinder, a FUJINON lens, and a large APS CMOS sensor for unsurpassed image quality.

Double Balloon Endoscopy®

Fujifilm's cutting edge technology, Double Balloon Endoscopy®, revolutionized endoscopic treatment of the small bowel, while our HD platform is designed to ensure the highest level of diagnostic and therapeutic results. These technologies enhance the practice of endoscopy for healthcare professionals and the patients they treat.


FUJINON lenses are everywhere, and they are helping to create all types of images, from images of the Moon, to your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events, and even to the latest 3D Hollywood blockbuster.


Based on years of research and development, Fujifilm conducts clinical biopharmaceutical research and development for new drugs to fight illnesses such as Influenza and Alzheimer’s. Fujifilm is also a leading contract biomanufacturing organization that develops new drugs to combat illnesses such as cancers and rare diseases.

NANOCUBIC Coating Technology

Fujifilm’s innovative NANOCUBIC coating technology with Barium-Ferrite particles has resulted in breakthrough data storage capabilities of up to 35.0 Terabytes on a single tape cartridge – that’s the equivalent of text from 35 million books requiring 248 miles of bookshelves.

Inkjet Print Heads

Today, you see printed images on almost any surface, from the foods you eat to ceramics, paper, and wood. Fujifilm’s nano particle fluids for high performance printing and micro precision inkjet print heads help to make this possible.


Fujifilm is a recognized leader in world class manufacturing. Across North America, Fujifilm facilities produce a broad range of products from photographic and graphic arts products and chemicals, to the newly acquired biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility whose expertise provides pharmaceutical companies with a faster way to bring their products to market.


Semiconductors are required in almost every industry. Fujifilm has developed one of the broadest lines worldwide of materials and equipment for semiconductor customers, making it possible to foster greater innovation among the world’s leading device makers, and earning recognition for these efforts over the past several years.

Image Intelligence™

Fujifilm’s propriety Image Intelligence™ software is incorporated into Fujifilm’s photo printing technology, and even medical imaging equipment – providing enhancement, and recognition for corrections within images, to deliver the highest quality images possible.

Motion Picture Film

In 2011, for the third year in a row, the Academy Award® given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Best Picture went to a film that was captured on FUJIFILM color negative motion picture film.


The next time you watch an LCD flat screen TV or use a personal digital device, you will be experiencing Fujifilm FUJITAC films in action. Fujifilm is a global leader in protective and optical compensation films and Wide View films that improve your viewing experience.