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Pallet of FujiFilm Cartridges

Custom Bulk Packaging


Stress Free Packaging Options, Eliminate Stress, and Reduce Mess

Fujifilm Stress Free Packaging Options

  •  Library Packs made with DPET™* sustainably produced plastic that hold 20 LTO Ultrium cartridges.
  •  50 Packs are corrugated cartons that hold ten 5 pack bricks of LTO Ultrium cartridges without P-cases (barcode labels required).

Eliminate Stress

  •  By eliminating individual P-cases and additional associated packaging the cartridges are easier to access and thereby library load time is reduced by up to 75%.

Reduce Mess

  •  Eliminates 80% of waste by weight compared to standard P-case product.
  •  DPET plastic has the lowest carbon footprint in the market.
  •  The plastic we use is sourced from a facility that uses 100% recycled wastewater.
  •  DPET requires 65% less energy to produce than APET plastic.

*DPET™ is a clear amorphous Polyethylene Therephthalate (PET) sheet.