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Kongsberg Digital Cutters

Kongsberg Digital Cutters


Companies that specialize in signage, display and short runs packaging production are looking for more throughput and more control over their entire process.

Kongsberg X Series Cutter

At a Glance

Esko helps companies all over the world to meet sharper customer deadlines while avoiding risks and realizing higher operating margins. Companies are looking for lean production: maximizing value and eliminating waste and Esko’s modular shop floor solutions offer just that. Kongsberg cutting tables and Esko’s preproduction software are optimized for stand-alone use. Integrated, however, they give additional advantages in customer communication, file flow, shop floor management, and equipment efficiency.

Kongsberg X Series For Ultimate Versatility

The Kongsberg X cutting table is easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market. With Kongsberg X, you can invest in the tools you need today, with the confidence than you will be able to upgrade as your business grows. You can to add new tools for new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.

The New Dimension for Digital Finishing

The new Kongsberg C table is designed to keep up with the faster, wider printers of today and tomorrow. Exceeding the standards in versatility, precision and productivity, it has everything that Kongsberg tables are noted for, and more. It is the very first multifunction super-wide digital finisher for signage, display and packaging applications.