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United States

OnsetX Series

Full bed print array. The fastest UV flatbed presses on the planet!
No one else can reach the productivity.

OnsetX1-LT Printer


Imagine being able to upgrade your press to increase throughput as your business grows.Imagine Onset quality at a mid range price. The OnsetX1-LT flatbed UV printer provides the amazing, market-leading print quality expected from the Onset series with production speeds that help your business grow. As the need for throughput increases, an easy upgrade path allows the LT to build to a full Onset X1. At initial install, The X1-LT is capable of producing sellable output of 40 5′ x 10′ full size beds per hour with manual handling.


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Uvijet OL Ink

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Uvijet OW

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Uvijet OX

PDF: 406KB

OnsetX1 Printer


With a maximum throughput of 4,300 ft2/hour equating to 80 5’ x 10’ beds/hour, OnsetX1 is ideal for companies producing a mix of fast-turnaround retail graphics for distance viewing and high-quality images for close-up viewing. Of the eight channels, four print CMYK and the remainder can be configured as required using any of light magenta, light cyan, white and orange (LmLcWO). When the time is right, an additional six-channel carriage can be added to scale up to the Onset X2.

OnsetX2-HS Printer

OnsetX2 HS

With a maximum throughput of 159 5’ x 10’ beds/hour, OnsetX2 HS is ideal for companies producing fast-turnaround retail graphics. As the business expands, OnsetX2 HS provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs companies can handle. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity while an optional six LmLcWO channels can be populated to add versatility and superb quality. A choice of unidirectional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

OnsetX3-HS Printer

OnsetX3 HS

The World’s fastest high quality flatbed printer, the OnsetX3 HS is capable of printing in excess of 280 5’ x 10’ beds/hour. The OnsetX3 HS features 3 x CMYK ink channels plus the choice of white or orange. The OnsetX3 HS sits at the pinnacle of productivity. With this printer, users of analog printing lines can take the digital route, confident they can print long runs of high-quality print with superb consistency and reliability. Compatible with Inca’s range of application-specific robotic handling systems, and incorporating ‘30 second’ job set up and ‘single cycle’ printing mode, the OnsetX3 HS has the potential to bring your business to the next level.


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