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Gas Separation Membrane Element for Natural Gas Purification

Apura™: Gas Separation Membrane Element for Natural Gas Sweetening

The raw natural gas available on site is very rich (high Ethanes+ and/or H2S), which is not suitable for fuel due to (1) potential difficulties in the operation of the engine/turbine, including heat, detonation, warranty violation, and frequent maintenance and (2) Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission resulting from heavy hydrocarbon combustion.

In most cases, the raw gas is the only fuel source, but a compressor engine must receive purified fuel gas to operate efficiently and prevent damage to its internal components. Fuel gas conditioning plays a vital role in performance by facilitating heavy hydrocarbon and/or H2S removal. 

How Apura™-FG Can Meet Your Natural Gas Conditioning Needs

Apura™-FG from Fujifilm is an innovative gas separation membrane element that enables you to condition natural gas streams quickly, efficiently and safely. Use it to remove Ethanes+, H2S and other impurities before they cause extensive engine and equipment damage. 

Apura™-FG membrane doesn’t generate any liquids, which enables customers to eliminate any liquid handling-related issues such as hydrate/liquid storage. In addition to reducing Butanes+, membranes can reduce more Ethane and Propane content as compared with other technologies, leading to a reduction in VOCs.

Key Apura™-FG features and specifications include:

  • Pressure range of operation up to 83 bar (8,300 kPa)
  • Operates at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Performance stability at extremes, including low flux decline, low plasticization and tolerance to condensed water, BTX and HTC
  • Ability to work as a hybrid system
  • Fast startup and shutdown capabilities
  • Off-grid or stand-alone operating capacity

How Does Apura™-FG Work?

Apura™-FG consists of spiral-wound membrane modules that effectively remove Ethanes+, H2S and other contaminants from the natural gas feed stream. This process reduces impurities and creates a low-pressure stream (permeate) that can be recycled upstream.

Apura™-FG features innovative, proprietary technology that delivers cost-effective gas conditioning membrane elements and advanced hydrocarbon selectivity. The membranes fit into standard pressure vessels, and custom options are also available for specialized heavy hydrocarbon removal equipment applications. 

[photo] Apura™-FG spiral-wound membrane modules

Why Choose Apura™-FG for Fuel Gas Conditioning Solutions?

Mechanical refrigeration and Joule-Thomson are the conventional fuel gas conditioning solutions. Mechanical refrigeration makes use of a refrigerant to enable the condensation of the heavy hydrocarbons present in the gas stream. The Joule-Thomson process achieves heavy hydrocarbon reduction via pressure reduction through a Joule-Thomson valve.

Apura™-FG provides multiple advantages over the above technologies.

No Moving Parts

This natural gas separation model features a simple design with no moving parts requiring lubrication or breaking down. You'll spend less time and money on maintenance and experience fewer process interruptions that otherwise result in costly downtime.

Easy and Inexpensive to Install

Our solution's simple design also makes Apura™-FG simple to install, start, commission and operate. You'll be able to get the equipment up and running quickly with fewer hassles. In a business where every minute counts, our technology equips you to optimize your job site's productivity. 

Small Footprint

If you're trying to maximize limited floor or site space, Apura™-FG offers a compact natural gas separation unit. Additionally — since the Apura™-FG can handle and separate water-saturated gas — there is no need for dehydration and/or a hydrate inhibitor to avoid hydrate formation, which is necessary for both mechanical refrigeration and Joule-Thomson processes.

Lower CAPEX and OPEX

Minimizing expenses is crucial for any business looking to remain viable in a competitive environment. Apura™-FG can help reduce your company's long-term capital expenditures and minimize your day-to-day operating costs. You'll increase profitability and provide a welcome boost to your bottom line. 

Better for the Environment

Apura™-FG can meet the needs of any business seeking to become better stewards of the environment. Thanks to its selective removal of heavy hydrocarbons, it helps the reduction of VOC emissions that result from combustion after conditioning and requires no hazardous chemicals or solvents to operate. The improved fuel quality and emission reduction contribute to cleaner, healthier air. 

Apura™-FG Applications

This high-performing natural gas separation membrane is ideally suited for numerous applications. It can facilitate the development of new and existing natural gas fields and increase feed range. You can also use it for entering remote locations like offshore drilling sites and arctic and desert areas. 

Specific applications include:

  • Fuel gas conditioning for gas turbines and gas engines
  • VOC and heavy hydrocarbon removal
  • Synthesis gas (syngas)
  • Bulk H2S removal in fuel gas
  • Wellhead natural gas conditioning

How Can Apura™-FG Help Your Business?

Apura™-FG delivers optimal results, and including this technology when constructing a new plant ensures your oil equipment and service company (OESC) is equipped with the most advanced, modern solutions. Our solutions will provide lasting value for your operating processes. What's more, you'll benefit from reliable, uninterrupted operation and lower maintenance costs.

Does your oil and gas company already utilize membrane technology in its day-to-day operations? Is it time to replace aging equipment or upgrade to more advanced solutions? Apura™-FG is the perfect choice for these situations or when updating or retrofitting a facility. Our technology contributes to increased productivity, enhanced performance and reduced operating expenses for higher profitability. 

[photo] Manufacturing employee standing next to stacked FUJIFILM Membrane Technology Gas Separation Membrane Modules

What Is Fuel Gas Conditioning?

Fuel gas conditioning is a process designed to purify a natural gas stream by reducing heavy hydrocarbons and/or H2S and enabling the compressor engines and/or turbines to use it more efficiently. The gas heating value and its dew point can be adjusted thanks to a fuel gas conditioning step before being fed to a gas engine and/or turbine.

Why Is Fuel Gas Conditioning Important?

Fuel gas conditioning provides several benefits. These solutions:

  • Enhance overall gas turbine performance and increase longevity.
  • Reduce preventive maintenance costs and labor requirements.
  • Help prevent unscheduled downtime resulting from mechanical failures.
  • Increase gas engine turbine reliability.
  • Improve job site safety by reducing combustion risks.
  • Reduce VOC emissions.

Why Partner With Fujifilm?

From our beginnings as a photographic film manufacturer in 1934, Fujifilm has grown to become one of the leading innovators in numerous business fields. Our operational scope now encompasses photo imaging, optical device and electronic imaging, health care, highly functional materials, graphic systems and inkjets and recording media. 

We implement cutting-edge technologies across all fields to develop high-quality products that enable our customers to meet their business objectives. With Apura™-FG, we strive to provide the most user-friendly, robust solution for natural gas separation in the marketplace.

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