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Fujifilm Infrastructure Photo Analysis Service


We support everyone engaged in infrastructure maintenance with our AI and image technologies. FIPAS is the cloud software which can automatically identify deteriorations and estimate its size in concrete from photos.

Detecting deteriorations in concrete faster and better

FIPAS supports streamlining your inspection process and improving your output by identifying and visualizing detailed damage data, such as cracks as narrow as 0.1mm, through our AI and imaging technology.

* Limited to unpainted concrete surface.

Detect cracks as narrow as 0.1mm width, and get automatic size measurements. In addition, spall, efflorescence, and rebar exposure can be detected, with automatic area estimation as well.
When you need to draw chalk lines along cracks, the chalk detection ability help you sketch them.
Size notation is available in both metric or imperial.

Damage detection

Enlarged photo

Editing function

Filter or color-code cracks according to width and length to immediately identify what you want to see.

AI detects cracks as it is. But you can easily connect adjacent cracks like one long crack as inspectors usually sketch at the field.


Automatically corrects the curved surfaces of tunnels and stitch them to create drawing.


Summary sheet (Excel)

Stitched image (JPEG)
* with/without cracks


FIPAS will speeds up your inspection process with AI technology and output options.


As AI automatically detects deteriorations with its size, FIPAS provides quantitive data.

  • * The detectable damage size such as crack width depends on the shooting conditions.


FIPAS provides JPEG images with deteriorations so that everyone can see the condition at a glance. 

FIPAS Benefits

With drone images, FIPAS will help you to minimize the cost of inspections.

  • * These functions are to support the users in damage detection and measurement, and the final confirmation must be performed by the users.
  1. Taking photos.
    DSLR camera with a tripod is recommended for 0.1mm cracks.
    Drones can also be used. Please feel free to contact us regarding shooting method and applicable camera/drone models.
  2. Upload the images to FIPAS cloud server
  3. Confirm the detection results 
  4. Output the results in 3 ways 
Using our stitch checker, you can easily organize drone images in the field while offline.
When you move the folder containing taken photos to the PC and process it...
Automatically extract necessary photos
Stitch them together as one image
Never overlook missing photos

Do you have a crack or damage-mapping project? Please contact us regarding our beta program.