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Fujifilm Infrastructure Photo Analysis Service

We support everyone engaged in infrastructure maintenance with our AI and image technologies. FIPAS is the cloud software which can automatically identify deteriorations and estimate its size in concrete from photos.

How to use

STEP1 Take photos

Take photos by DSLR fixed on a tripod. 
Drone shooting is also possible depending on the models.
After shooting, you can check for any omissions using the Offline Stitch Checker.

Minimum detectable crack width 0.1mm - (0.004inch - ) 0.2mm - (0.008inch - )
Available cameras DSLR DSLR or Drone (more than 12Mpx)



Organize your images into folders and upload them to FIPAS.
Up to 60 photos can be contained in 1 folder.
Processing time after upload is about 60 minutes.

STEP3 Download the results, edit, and output

After processing is complete, check the analysis results on the preview screen and download them.
After editing such as crack color-coded, output the data as DXF, EXL or JPEG.

  • * Please make sure to download the image files after analysis, as they are only retained for 60 days.

Supported images

The following photos (image file specifications) are supported by FIPAS.

  • Photos in the JPEG file format can be used.
  • File names must use 64 or less alphanumeric characters, including the file extension.
  • The resolution of each file can be 1000 × 1000 to 15000 × 15000 pixels. Make sure to match the resolution of the files to stitch.
  • The maximum number of images per order is 60 images.
  • Images reduced/cut out from captured images or images captured from video are outside the guaranteed scope of operation. 
  • The following product photos cannot be used.
    • Images that infringe or are likely to infringe the copyright, image rights, trademarks, or other rights of a third party.
    • Images that infringe or are likely to infringe the privacy of a third party or slander a third party.
    • Images that violate or are likely to violate public order or morality.
    • Images that violate or are likely to violate the law, etc.
    • Images that are linked or are likely to be linked with criminal activity.
    • Images that hinder or are likely to hinder the proper operation of the service.

System requirements

FIPAS operates on a PC with the following specs.

  Minimum specs Recommended specs
OS Windows 64bit Windows 64bit
CPU core i5 core i5
Memory 8GB 16GB