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Astropore® Microfilter


​FUJIFILM has 50 years of proven membrane filter manufacturing history from the technology cultivated from photograph film. Precision filtering is ensured with our proprietary microporous membranes.

Astropore® Filters for Filtration of Bottled Water

Fujifilm offers the Astropore brand of Water Bottling Filters designed to aid in the reduction of fine particles and microorganisms. The unique asymmetric pore structure of Fujifilm's Polysulfone Membrane delivers exceptionally high flow rates and throughputs, while maintaining low differential pressure drops. Astropore® filters are available to fit your current hardware configuration.

Features and Benefits:

  • Asymmetric micro-porous structure: The asymmetric micro-porous structure of the polysulfone membrane filter contains an effective dense layer of pores. This structural characteristic is complimented by two larger pore zones located on the inlet and outlet sides to improve filtration.
  • Excellent particle removal and retention performance: A sharp pore size distribution and a dense porous layer designed to aid in reduction of fine particles and microorganisms.
  • Low initial pressure loss and a long filtration life: The high porosity ratio of 80%, characteristic asymmetric membrane structure, and large filtration area of the filter ensure a low initial pressure loss and a long filtration life.
  • High pressure resistance: With an optimized pleat design supported by a non-woven polypropylene substrate, the pressure-resistance of the cartridge in the forward flow direction is enhanced.
  • CIP alkali resistance: A broad PH range of 1 – 14 for extreme CIP conditions. Incorporates a robust, stiff non-woven substrate for enhanced filter life.


Product Pore (μm) ΦD (mm) Length (inch)
PSF Cartridge Beverage filtration for
0.2 70 10