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July 6, 2022

Fujifilm launches FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z6000

TOKYO – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) announces it will launch “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z6000” (FP-Z6000) in late July 2022. The new model joins the lineup of the Z Series of ultra-short-throw projectors, equipped with the industry’s only1 “folded two-axial rotatable lens.” FP-Z6000 offers a bright 6000 lumens (lm) image projection capability and class-leading2 compact (460mm x 510mm x 162.5mm3) and lightweight (approx. 17.5kg) design. By simply rotating “folded two-axial rotatable lens,” it is able to throw images at various directions. FP-Z6000 is also free from space constraints to accommodate highly immersive spatial designs, thanks to its ability to project large images from a close-up distance and to reposition them within an extensive vertical and horizontal range.

In recent years, applications for projectors have been increasingly expanding into spatial design at commercial facilities, museums, and art galleries. Fujifilm entered into the projector market with the launch of the Z Series of projectors equipped with the world’s first “folded two-axial rotatable lens” in 2019. The “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000” (FP-Z8000) that the company subsequently introduced in 2021 provides bright image projection and excellent color reproduction. Users can place FP-Z8000 in inconspicuous places, drawing on the ability of the “folded two-axial rotatable lens” to project images toward various directions as well as the ability to throw massive images from a close-up distance. Since FP-Z8000 is capable of creating immersive spaces without blocking the beholders’ line of sight, its adoption in museums or immersive digital art exhibitions has been spreading. With the launch of FP-Z6000, Fujifilm adds a high-brightness model to the Z Series lineup. The company aims to expand the attraction of the series by further increasing the customers’ options.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Fujifilm will continue to apply its proprietary optical technology to develop and supply projectors with minimal installation limitations, thereby catering to diverse user needs.

1 - In the projector industry. As of July 6, 2022, according to Fujifilm.
2 - Among ultra-short throw projectors that are equipped with a laser light source and capable of projecting images in brightness of 6000lm or above (Throw Ratio [TR] value of 0.4 or below) as of July 6, 2022, according to Fujifilm. The TR value represents the ratio between the screen width and projection distance. The smaller the TR value, the closer the projector can be to a screen to throw large images.
3 - Dimensions of the main body, excluding protruded sections and height adjustment leg, with the lens folded in.

Main features of FP-Z6000

Featuring a “folded two-axial rotatable lens” for spatial presentation as intended by designer
- “Folded two-axial rotatable lens” can be tilted 90 degrees from the lens mount axis and rotated 360 degrees on the lens axis. The ability to throw images in various directions allows users to project images onto not only walls and screens but also ceilings and floors with ease. It can also create immersive space by hiding the main unit and exposing only lens section.

Projecting massive 100-inch images from a close-up distance of 72cm

-The ultra-short throw lens with the TR value of 0.34 projects dynamic 100-inch images from a close-up distance of 72cm. This significantly reduces dead space between the projector and the projection surface, allowing maximum use of space.

Class-leading2 Wide Lens-Shift Range4 capable of 70% vertically and 35% horizontally

-The use of a large-diameter aspherical lens element delivers the class-leading Lens-Shift function of up to 70% vertically and 35% horizontally. The function makes it easy to shift the position of projected images across a wide range without having to change the location of the main unit or direction of the lens. Furthermore, its 1.1x optical zoom capability means the size of projected images can be adjusted easily. This optical zoom capability can be combined with the Lens Shift function to enable efficient image adjustments.
-FP-Z6000 adopts the “Two-Group Focusing Mechanism,” with which the projector can independently adjust the focus of the central and peripheral parts of an image. Even when users shift the position of projected images with the Lens-Shift function, the Two-Group Focusing Mechanism allows for the projector to adjust its focal placement and offer images focused from their center to periphery.

4 - A function that allows users to adjust the position of projected images vertically and horizontally without having to move the main unit or change the lens's direction. The percentage figures indicate the range of vertical and horizontal repositioning of projected images in relation to the height and width of an image projected on the screen when Lens Shift function is turned off.

Bright 6000lm images and best-in-class compact and lightweight design
-The FP-Z6000 uses a laser light source to deliver bright 6000lm images vividly.
-Components inside the main body are optimally laid out to achieve the smallest size (460mm x 510mm x 162.5mm) and lightest weight (approx. 17.5kg) in this class. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to suit each installation environment, enabling spatial design that makes effective use of what would have been dead space otherwise.
-The compact design with a fold-away lens means the lens fits perfectly inside the body to form a cuboid shape, reducing strain during transportation.

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