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Fujifilm launches Z5000 Projector

June 16, 2020

New projector utilizes the cutting-edge optical technology used in FUJINON lenses

Valhalla, N.Y.  – FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of the FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000 (FP-Z5000), an ultra-short throw projector equipped with the world’s first*1 “folded two-axial rotatable lens” to enable omnidirectional image projection without moving the main projector unit. FP-Z5000?is an innovative projector which is able to be set up in places where a conventional projector could not be placed due to severe space constraints, and throw powerful images in directions that other projectors cannot handle. With the projector now available in all markets, Fujifilm continues its entry into the projector market in its drive for further business expansion.

Today, projectors are used in a wide variety of situations including theaters, offices and educational institutions. More recently, demand for projectors has increased due to their applications for digital signage at commercial facilities, product information/demonstrations at business showrooms, or design projection at art galleries / museums. This has increased the need for projectors to be used for effective advertising in limited space, and spatial presentation using walls and ceilings.

Fujifilm has been working on research and development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial optical devices including optical components of office equipment and projectors, in addition to a wide range of broadcast lenses and cine lenses.  The company is also tapping into its advanced optical technology, nurtured through the development of a wide range of lenses, as well as cutting-edge image processing technology, fostered through the development of the X Series of digital cameras, to broaden its scope of business operations, as evident in the launch of the “FUJIFILM SX800", long-range surveillance camera with a built-in lens.  Fujifilm will strive to achieve further business growth by continuing to develop innovative products that meet diverse market needs.

Product features:

Equipped with the folded two-axial rotatable lens

  • The FP-Z5000 features a folded two-axial rotatable lens, developed with cutting-edge optical technology nurtured through the development of FUJINON lens, adding a capability of directing the lens up, down, front, rear, left and right to project images in various directions without having to move the main unit.  This means it can project images not only on a wall or screen but also on the ceiling and floor.
  • You can switch the orientation of projected images between portrait and landscape by simply rotating the lens, enabling powerful portrait projection.”

Projecting images on a 100-inch screen from the close-up distance of just 75cm

  • The use of an ultra-short throw lens makes it possible to project images on a massive 100-inch screen from a close-up distance of just 75cm.  This significantly reduces the amount of space required between the projector unit and the screen, enabling maximum spatial use.

 Lens Shift function of up to 82% vertically and 35% horizontally

  • The FP-Z5000 takes advantage of a large image circle of its large-diameter lens to offer the Lens Shift function of up to 82% vertically and 35% horizontally, making it possible to adjust the position of projected images across a wide range without having to move the projector’s main unit or change the lens’s direction.

Reducing distortion and aberration edge-to-edge for stable projection of bright and vivid images

  • The FP-Z5000 uses large-diameter spherical and aspherical lens elements, based on Fujifilm’s advanced know-how in optical design, to minimize image distortion typically seen at edges in short-throw lenses as well as aberration that often arises while shifting the lens. It achieves stunning image projection.
  • The use of a highly-durable laser light source enables stable image projection at high luminosity of 5000lm and reduces workload and costs associated with maintenance.

Excellent ease of use with the smallest body in its class

  • The FP-Z5000 supports both vertical*4 and horizontal positioning, allowing you to choose how it should be installed according to users’ environment.
  • The projector comes in a compact body measuring just 108mm thick, the thinnest in its class*2.  Its design approach allows the lens and the main projector unit to fold into a box shape for added portability.
  • It has beautifully rounded corners for a stylish appearance, achieved in Fujifilm’s pursuit for design sophistication. 

*1 According to Fujifilm as of February 13, 2019.

*2 According to Fujifilm as of February 13, 2019, among high-lumen projectors of 5000lm or above.

*3 A function that allows you to adjust the position of projected images vertically and horizontally without having to move the projector’s main unit or change the lens’ direction. The percentage figures indicate the range of vertical and horizontal repositioning of projected images in relation to the height and width of a image projected on the screen when Lens Shift function is turned off.

*4 The vertical installation requires the use of a stand (included) to prevent the projector from tipping over.

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