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FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition

Sharing the joy of taking photos, the fun of decorating with photo prints,
and the importance of preserving memories in pictures. A total of 100,000 pictures displayed worldwide.

July 12, 2018

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that from this year it will be taking its "PHOTO IS — 50,000-person photo exhibition," an open participation photo exhibition attracting widespread popularity in Japan, overseas under the title "FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition." In addition to the exhibition held in Japan from July to November across 33 venues, this fiscal year will see exhibitions held in Germany (September), the U.S. (October), Malaysia (October), Canada (November) and Thailand (February 2019). Combining the entries from each region, a total of about 100,000 pictures will be displayed worldwide.

Preserving precious memories, bonds, and brilliant moments in photographs is an important part of human culture. In order to share the joy of taking photos and decorating with photo prints with as many people as possible, Fujifilm has been holding an open participation photo exhibition in Japan since 2006. Unlike photo contests, the works of all entrants are exhibited, along with the thoughts of the exhibitor included in the photo. This exhibition started as a "10,000-person photo exhibition" where exhibitors and visitors could communicate through photographs. As the number of participants increased each year, Fujifilm expanded the scale of the exhibition to a "50,000-person photo exhibition" in 2017. Last year in Japan, over 1.2 million visitors came to view the exhibition across 36 venues, leaving positive comments such as how the photos "cheered me up" and  "truly convey the sense of love and emotion."

Also last year, the same photo exhibition was held outside of Japan for the first time in Malaysia. The collection of 5,530 photos saw many visitors stop by to appreciate the work, which was positively received.

In response to this, Fujifilm is further expanding the number of countries where the exhibition is to be held, sharing the joy of taking photos, the fun of decorating with photo prints, and the importance of preserving memories in pictures throughout the world.

<Exhibition scene in Japan>

<Example entry in Japan> Title: Hello! Thoughts in the photo: My 1 year old son loves animals. Funny that he doesn’t seem scared at all of a dog bigger than himself.

[Exhibition Schedule]


Exhibition Schedule


Target Number of Entries


July 13 — November 11

33 venues in Japan

*Presented under the title "PHOTO IS — 50,000-person photo exhibition"

56,152 entries

*Final number of entries (Application closed)



September 26 — 29

"photokina 2018," the world's leading trade fair for imaging, held in Cologne, Germany

*Separate exhibition planned to be held in Spain (date not yet decided)

15,000 entries

*Application will be accepted from various countries in Europe


United States

October 17 — 19

New York's Grand Central Terminal


10,000 entries


October 29 — November 4

Sunway Pyramid – a major shopping mall in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur

8,000 entries


November 1 — 8

Toronto Pearson International Airport

5,000 entries


February 21 — 24 (2019)

Central World shopping complex in central Bangkok


5,000 entries







99,000 entries

Through this photo exhibition, Fujifilm plans to make the world aware of the power of photography, protecting the culture of photography and offering products and services supporting a diverse range of customer needs.


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