iVizTM wireless

A pocket-sized wireless portable ultrasound device for visualizing the inner body anywhere & anytime.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

iViz wireless PV for Convex

iViz wireless PV for Linear Lung Echo

iViz wireless PV for Linear Puncture

Visualize wherever, whenever you need it

Physical examinations such as visual examinations and palpation as well as puncture rely on the user's technique and experiences. iViz wireless enables non-invasive internal visualization at any time and any place, so results of clinical reasoning can be verified on the spot. In that way, iViz wireless enables physical examination and puncture to be done faster and with greater confidence.

  • *1 With new battery, at room temperature, default settings, and battery fully charged.
  • *2 Time from state where transducer power is off and tablet is in sleep mode to pressing transducer power button, tablet waking up, application launching, and B mode screen displaying. However, this assumes signal status to be good.

Pocket-size Probe

As below, there are two types of probes: Convex and Linear.  These are used for user’s purpose in wide variety of clinical scene.

Equipped with "Clear Visualization" image processing algorithm, high image quality is achieved even with compactness and wireless connection.

Hard stool

Intestinal obstruction

Urinary retention

The instructions for use of these products are provided in electronic form by PDF format. Please access to the following address and find this product page.