Open Innovation

Open Innovation Hub

Open Innovation Hubs are venues where we “jointly create” new value with business partners both in and outside the company.

Fujifilm has sharpened its various core technologies that originated with photographic light-sensitive materials and applied them to the development and supply of numerous products, services and materials. In current times, with many social issues such as climate change and environmental problems, at the Open Innovation Hub we aim to create new innovations through dialogue with our business partners, on the four themes of Environment, Health, Daily Life and Work Style, which represent priority areas for Fujifilm.

Global Hub Network

The Open Innovation Hub is currently active globally with three collaborating bases: Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan, California, U.S.A., and Düsseldorf, Germany. While the underlying concept of each hub is the same, the exhibitions and activities are geared for each market environment and the specific character of each region.


[image]Open Innovation Hub in Japan(Tokyo)


[image]Open Innovation Hub in U.S.(California)


[image]Open Innovation Hub in Germany(Düsseldorf)