Low Chemistry CTP Plates


The Superia low chemistry range enables you to benefit from the industry's lowest chemistry, water and processor maintenance figures.

Our low chemistry plates are ideal for longer run applications, and even though they require a processor they can dramatically reduce the resources needed for plate production in the form of water, chemistry, materials, labour and energy.

Superia LH-PLE


A high-definition, positive-working thermal CTP plate for long-run commercial print applications.

A high-definition, positive-working thermal CTP plate for long-run commercial print applications. Superia LH-PLE can be used with UV inks, either unbaked or baked, and features enhanced scratch resistance.

Lower chemistry consumption

Superia LH-PLE, when used with Fujifilm FLH-Z or FLC-TZ processors, can benefit from much lower chemistry consumption. Typically, a full bath of developer can develop up to 20,000m2 of plates resulting in substantial savings in developer consumption. For a printer using around 10,000 B1 plates over a 1-3 month period, chemistry consumption can be reduced by over 80% (depending on existing system used).

Lower maintenance

Maintaining perfect developer activity allows the developer bath life to be greatly extended beyond the norm for developing systems. It is typical to achieve bath life figures that are four or more times greater than normal plate processing systems. These improvements mean that a full bath of developer will now develop up to 20,000m2 of Superia LH-PLE plates, resulting in substantial reductions in cleaning down time. It is not uncommon to save over 40 hours of cleaning time for a large 32,000m² consumer of plates over a year’s plate production.

Cleaner working environment

The chemistry used for processing Superia LH-PLE plates in a ‘ZAC’ system is a nonsilicate based recipe. This makes a much longer bath life possible without the increase in developer sludge and filter blockages.  In addition, Superia LH-PLE incorporates an Enhanced Development Layer (EDL) enhancing the solubility of the non-image areas during development, further aiding bath life, giving wider developing latitude and resulting in much cleaner working. Finally, as the chemistry contains no alcohol or solvents, this further enhances the working environment.

More stable plate production

Because of the way ‘ZAC’ processors intelligently control replenisher delivery, they are more stable making it much easier to achieve high quality, irrespective of changes to environmental conditions. This is particularly important for demanding FM screening applications.

Superia PRO-V


Designed for medium- to long-run commercial print applications, Superia PRO-V is a violet low chemistry CTP plate which can be used with UV inks unbaked, and is suitable for high quality 20μm FM screening applications.

Lower chemistry consumption
When Superia PRO-V is used with our low chemistry finishing units, no chemical replenisher is required meaning chemistry consumption is considerably reduced. For a printer using around 10,000 B1 plates over a 1-3 month period, chemistry consumption can be reduced to around 400 litres, a reduction of over 70% (depending upon existing system used).

Lower water use and minimal waste
As Superia PRO-V does not require a post exposure rinse, mains water is eliminated and water consumption is considerably reduced. A simple water top up to the developer chemistry is all that is required to keep the system ticking over effectively. As a result, waste production is also considerably reduced.

Higher consistent quality
Superia PRO-V combines the benefits of low-chemistry CTP with the proven low cost of ownership of violet imaging. The plate itself is rated at 1-99% resolution (when used with a Luxel ‘HD’ capable platesetter) and it brings unmatched quality, consistency and productivity to violet plate production, with extended run lengths and the ability to easily print FM screens.

Easier maintenance
The elimination of chemical replenishment and the unique formulation of the developer result in a much cleaner bath which equates to a simpler maintenance regime and easier cleaning.

High speed plate production
Superia PRO-V incorporates a new high-sensitivity polymerisation technology that enables users to achieve the same level of productivity as conventional processed violet CTP plates without the need for laser upgrades.