Supporting Features with FUJIFILM Technology

Proprietary Folded Lens

Precise optical design is essential when bending the light through its path to the final projection of the image for display. Fujifilm has developed proprietary optical design software in the creation of our extensive line of 4K and 8K precision lenses. This same software is used in the Z5000 optical assembly to combine multiple lens groups, enabling a lens that rotates in a total of six directions without distortion and projects high quality images to every corner.

Large-Diameter Aspheric Lens

A large-diameter aspheric lens is used for the G1 lens (front lens). Creating complex large aspheric lenses requires extremely high-level technology for molding, processing, etc. These aspheric lenses have a diameter of 87 mm and boast ultra-high precision screen accuracy to within 1μm, enabling ultra-short throw large-screen projection.

Refined Mechanical Design

FUJIFILM has harnessed over 30 years of projector lens mechanical design to create a lens barrel mechanism with biaxial,6-direction rotation that maintains high resolution. The projector's internal mechanisms were optimized with temperature and intensity simulation technology to achieve a compact body.

Precision Optical Axis Adjustment

Ultra-high precision optical axis adjustment is imperative for wide-range lens shift projection that maintains distortion-free ultra-high resolution. FUJIFILM applied our high-level lens technology for the optimal combination of multiple adjustments to deliver high-quality images.