FDR go flex

Transform your mobile analog X-ray units into digital radiography systems
quickly and easily with the FDR Go flex

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

FDR Go flex, offering high quality images speedily, is now even easier to carry

Transform your mobile analog X-ray units into digital radiography systems quickly and easily with the FDR Go flex.  

The FDR Go flex transforms a wide range of X-ray units into wireless DR systems. 
All components of FDR Go flex are extremely compact and can be transported quickly and easily.

Suitable for various situations

At the time of FDR Go flex’s introduction, it is possible to select cassettes that suit the purpose.
Carrying multiple cassettes, it allows various types to be used during a round. The combination with C24i enables examinations of babies in incubators.

Excellent portability

The FDR Go flex can be used with a diverse array of units in hospitals, clinics or other medical institutions, with no modification of the mobile analog X-ray units required.
As the FDR Go flex can also be carried outside the hospital, it facilitates a variety of medical needs.

Stress free operation

Preview images are displayed only two seconds after an exposure is made meaning images

Fujifilm’s proprietary technology guarantees high image quality

ISS technology

“ISS technology” sees the TFT sensor placed in front of the scintillation layer instead of its traditional position behind it.
This technology permits a higher resolution image and reduced doses.

Conventional method
New method
Dynamic Visualization

Constantly endeavoring to provide the highest image quality, Fujifilm offers a proprietary technology to produce the optimal image for each examination. With the enhanced visibility achieved by this technology, information in greater detail can be obtained from images.

Conventional processing

New processing