Pressure measurement film  Prescale

Application examples in semiconductor or semiconductor manufacturing equipments

Pressure is gradually becoming important in manufacturing semiconductors due to semiconductor’s miniaturization. Under this circumstance, manufacturing equipment and material manufacturers as well as semiconductor manufacturers have begun to use PRESCALE in various applications such as “measuring polishing pressure in a Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) equipment” ”checking pressure distribution of laminating press in manufacturing an Electrostatic chuck or a Ceramic heater” or ”measuring pressure distribution of a Molding machine” etc.
In this page, we will introduce some applications along the semiconductor manufacturing process. Of course, there are a lot of applications besides the followings, so if you want to measure surface pressure easily and at low cost, please feel free to request our samples.


Front-end process (Wafer processing operation)

1. Purchase of silicon wafers
2. Cleaning process
3. Film deposition process
5. Ion implantation process
7. Deposition process

Back-end process (Assembly process)

10. Backgrinding process
11. Pasting dicing tape
14. Bonding (wire bonding) process
16. Marking process
17. Inspecting process

Semiconductor substrates

Flexible substrates

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