Fujifilm Minilabs

Fujifilm photochemicals are designed for specific use in Fujifilm minilabs.

The latest Fujifilm minilab chemicals offer the lowest replenishment rates available on the market today. This, in turn, means the lowest effluent and waste volumes. Chemistry in standard packs is available for all CN-16Q, CN-16FA and CN-16L processors.

CN-16S and CN-16SER chemicals come in special packs designed to slot straight into the SC type film minilabs. Loading chemistry does nott come any easier and the bottles are rinsed automatically to ensure that no concentrates remain in the bottle. This makes disposal even easier.

Fujifilm CN-16SER chemistry for Fujifilm FP150SC, FP363SC and FP563SC film processors is a higher replenishment rate cartridge, specially designed and introduced to handle the very low film throughputs commonly found these days in many minilabs. This cartridge will give improved process quality and stability for anyone running with minimal film volumes.