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Pressroom Supplies - Equipment

Process Control

pressroom equipment image

Pressroom Process Control Tools

Predictable results from your printing system are possible if proper controls are put into place. Variables in the pressroom cause waste of raw materials and valuable production time. Fujifilm offers a wide range of tools and technical support that can help bring the pressroom back under your control.


  • Conductivity/ph Meters
  • Retractometers
  • Shore A Durometers
  • Dosing Equipment/Proportioners
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Packing Gauges
  • Color Management Tools
  • Pyrometers
  • Fujifilm ColorPath
  • Unsurpassed Technical Support

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Ink Mixers / Proofers

mixers proofers image

GFI accessories to get you on press fast


The easy and clean way to mix paste-type materials


Give your shop a tool that takes the art out of confiming color


With AccuMix-ML, you just weight up your formula into one of GFI's five pound EcoLine liners, drop it in the mixing pot and secure it using one simple clamp. The vortex action used by the AccuMix-ML provides a fast and thorough mix that gets you on press in no time, all unattended and all without the mess.

AccuProof-XP gives you a fast and clean way to verify that your spot colors are dead-on perfect before you go to press. Now, anyone can pull a color proof, and do it in just about 5 minutes.

AccuMix and Accuproof are products of GFI Innovations, a leader in ink formulation and dispensing technology.

Solvent Recycling

Solvent Recycling - Maratek logo


Maratek Environmental Inc. - Specifically designed for the printing industry, the 2005 GATF/PIA Intertech Award winning SRS family of products has hundreds of installations in North America.

Master Flo's Press Temperature Control / Fountain Solution Recirculator System


Maratek Environmental Inc.

Solvent Recovery Systems are ideal for printers who want to position themselves as "sustainable partners", these systems can dramatically reduce solvent consumption and waste hauling charges annually - producing an ROI in as little as 12 months. In many cases the systems can reduce reportable EPA generator status; savings vast amounts of time and money related to regulatory reporting.

MasterFlo Technology Incorporated are manufacturers of the IF2 and IF4 fountain solution filtration devices, MasterFlo also produces press chillers, recirculators, mixing equipment and ink levelers. The IF2 and IF4 filtration systems can extend the life of your fountain solution 2 to 4 times; reducing cost, reducing waste and promoting a sustainable printing environment. The systems are also available with UV purification options. Contact your local FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Pressroom Specialist for more information.

Chiller Recirculators

MasterFlo Technology Incorporated

Master Flo's Press Temperature Control / Fountain Solution Recirculator System is a state of the art system that allows the printer to monitor and maintain constant ink temperatures as well as having a fully integrated dampening system that combines recirculation, filtration, refrigeration and additive mixing. The result is a high degree of colour consistency and print quality, no matter how long the print run.

Recirculator System Features

  • 24,000 BTU's of cooling capacity
  • One ½ HP feed pump
  • 20 gallon stainless steel recirculator tank
  • Two proportioning mixing pumps
  • Two step filtration
  • Complete diagnostic display

Press Temperature System Features

  • 60,000 BTU's of cooling capacity
  • One 5HP feed pump
  • Roof-mounted condenser
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Omni-ZoneTM The Omni-Zone temperature control system includes one infrared sensor and one solenoid valve
  • Complete diagnostic display


  • Removable panels for easy access
  • Full diagnostics with alarms
  • Fully integrated system Options
  • Larger Press Temperature System cooling capacity available
  • Electric return tank system or air power return system Technical Details

Ink Dispensers

ink dispenser

Dispense just-in-time exact colors, in just the right amounts, just steps away from your press

AccuBlend-HV for offset litho ink


ink dispenser

With an AccuBlend dispenser on site, dead-on spot colors can be produced in the exact amounts you need, any time you need them. Accublend dispensers provide color matching to +/- 0.001 (0.5 gr) per pound in precise amounts required. Since AccuBlend dispensers let you make ink when you need it, there's no need to over order for large jobs because you can quickly make any extra ink you might need to finish a run. AccuBlend's unique software can even let you turn your old inventory into new spot colors.

With AccuBlend's versatility, you can quickly accommodate 11th hour brand owner rush orders and changes. You can tweak colors for different substrates.

The AccuBlend is easy to use, too. If you can use a smart phone, you can operate an AccuBlend.

AccuBlend dispensers are manufactured and backed by GFI Innovations, a leader in ink formulation dispensing technology.

Also available from Fujifilm is the AccuMix-ML mixer and and the AccuProof-XP proofer.

Ink Zone

Ink Zone

The Ink Zone value brought to legacy press equipment can help printers become more profitable by reducing waste and make-ready times while adding capacity without adding more presses. Digital Information’s Ink Zone product’s close the loop for those presses with a console, but without real time on press automatic color control. A significant advantage for minimal investment.

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Filter Klear

Filter Klear

Filter Klear utilizes advanced nanofiber technology featuring ceremic nanofibers on a micro-glass matrix to filter contaminants from fountain solution. They provide outstanding reduction of virus, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin and many other submicron particles through both electro-adhesion and mechanical processes.

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