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Flenex FW 


Flenex FW plates deliver the highest print quality and excellent all-round performance for a wide range of flexo applications.

Flenex FW benefits your business

Flenex FW is a water-washable flexo plate that provides the highest print quality and productivity, while significantly lowering the cost-in-use compared to thermal, solvent or other water-wash plate technologies.



Technology overview

Flenex FW photopolymer plates contain a special rubber-based compound that offers a number of inherent advantages over other elastomeric materials from which most other flexo plates are made. In particular, rubber is not oxygen sensitive, which minimises the effect oxygen in the air has on the dot shape and the complexity of the system to eliminate oxygen from the plate production process. The other advantages of a rubber-based plate material include:

  • Reduced dot gain
  • Better ink transfer for cleaner, brighter print results
  • Faster exposure and washout times
  • Much more durable
  • Mild washout with water and dishwasher soap
  • Reduced plate swell

Higher productivity 

Flenex FW water-washable plates reduce platemaking processing times to less than 40 minutes, 300% faster than leading solvent systems and 1.5 times faster than current thermal and water-wash technologies. Faster platemaking means more time on press and a dramatic increase in output per shift, freeing you to redeploy labour to more value-added activities.

Typical benefits include:

  • Increase in number of plates produced
  • Faster job turnaround
  • Maximise press time
  • Lower labour costs or opportunity to redeploy

Lower cost-in-use

Because of the simplicity of Flenex FW plate processing, the expense of higher-cost solvent and thermal processors as well as potential upcharges on associated consumables is avoided. The Flenex FW system therefore represents the lowest cost in use for the production of flexo plates.

More durable 

Flenex FW is proven to deliver significant improvements in plate durability and reductions in plate swell, thanks to its unique technology. This means each plate is able to perform longer on press than competitive plates. This increases overall press uptime and results in longer print runs and greater overall profitability.


Flenex FW plates are compatible with leading Flexo LAM CTP devices such as Screen PlateRite FX, Esko CDI and Xeikon ThermoflexX Series as well as with the main water wash processors in the industry.

Flenex FW can be used with any UV or water-based inks. A solvent resistant plate, FW-FP, is also available.