Plates - Violet

Plates - Violet


FUJIFILM has created plates that deliver consistent quality right through long print runs.

LP-NV2 Plate


Patented 'Multigrain' technology

A complex grain structure, consisting of primary and honeycomb grain and micropores on a premium grade aluminium base. The 'Multigrain' structure contributes towards the outstanding print quality, faithful tone reproduction, consistent ink and water balance and long press life.

Time saving compatibility

The adoption of 'Multigrain' technology across Fujifilm's conventional and CTP plate range offers users a unique production consistency. In addition to quality assured daily production, printers migrating from conventional to CTP print can do so efficiently without readjusting their press settings.

Reduced maintenance

Recognising that scheduling time for regular equipment maintenance can be difficult in busy production environments, Brillia LP-NV customers now benefit from extended operating periods. Processors require only minimal cleaning once every 3000m2 or two-month period (whichever is the sooner).

Excellent, consistent image quality

The Fujifilm technology behind the latest photopolymer plates allows customers and their clients to benefit from consistent high quality print. Production of Brillia LP-NV, like all Fujifilm plates, is within close manufacturing tolerances providing users with a unique batch to batch consistency. Removing the need for platesetter recalibrations or processor adjustments will enhance your production and promote client confidence.

Unique chemical resistance

Developing products that meet customer requirements has placed Fujifilm in a leading position in the graphics industry. Reflecting the broad requirements of commercial print, Brillia LP-NV's specification supports long run conventional and UV print without the need for baking. Run lengths in excess of a million impressions are also possible once baked.


(With post treatment)

  • Improved tone reproduction
  • Excellent dot stability
  • Ideal for high PPH throughput applications
[graphic] SUPERIA Pro-V Plate

Superia Pro-V  

High productivity

Fujifilm plates use high sensitive coatings for increased productivity and imaging latitude.

Flexible processing

Fujifilm plates have a wide processing latitude and can typically be developed in processors already installed on site, which saves money and increases flexibility.vering thorough clean-out for efficient on press performance.

Consistent image quality

Fujifilm’s coating technology offers wide exposure latitude and stable dot on press. Better chemistry saves time. Not only do Fujifilm developers work longer, but processors are easier to clean, which means fewer man-hours cleaning processors and disposing of spent chemicals.

Easy handling

The range of dedicated newspaper plates has advanced handling performance. Both LP-NNV and FNE can be handled under yellow safelight

Sharper dot

Fujifilm photopolymer newspaper plates are superior in dot reproduction. Less dot gain makes adjustment of the calibration curve easy, allowing for consistent printing quality throughout the run.


  • Lo-chem system reduces pH level of processing system
  • No water rinse option for less system effluent
  • Simple, clean maintenance for less operator burden
  • Wide exposure latitude provides imaging stability and repeatability
  • Fast roll-up, clean restarts, wide ink/water balance performance, and good scum resistance