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[photo] Front view of Frontier DL 600 Dry Minilab with Frontier logo displayed on machine

Dry Minilab

Frontier DL600


Leading edge technologies enable the output of high quality images, along with stable image quality and user-friendly design.


[image] 6 gradations of ink, ranging from 5 to 0


Vivid medium density with five colored inks for beautiful reproductions

The newly-developed five color ink system achieves enhanced granularity and gradation, producing remarkable improvements in medium density areas such as skin tones, blue skies, gray backgrounds.

[image] Spheres of color, from left to right, labeled cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and light blue
[image] Portrait of young girl holding gift in her hands, with her eye circled and arrows pointing to comparison between using 5 colored inks versus 4 colored inks in the photo
[image] Squares showing 720 dpi and 1,440 dpi print quality used even if original image digital data was 300 dpi

Enhanced image quality with high-resolution mode

A 1,440dpi mode is available for high- quality prints, in addition to a 720dpi normal print mode. The 1,440dpi mode achieves further enhanced high image quality even from the same resolution image data.

[image] Image Intelligence logo on left with original, un-enhanced photo of bride holding bouquet on close-right, and enhanced, vibrant version of the same photo further right

Outstanding image processing technology ensures the best possible image quality

The combination of DL600 exclusive paper and five different colored inks, along with Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology Image Intelligence™ ensures optimal reproduction of original images.


Stable high-quality prints achieved by automatic nozzle check function

Automatic nozzle check function verifies the nozzle condition and automatically cleans clogged up nozzles to avoid prints with defective images being produced. Besides, the function enables easy maintenance.

Minimum banding with highly accurate paper feeding

A newly-developed, highly accurate paper feeding system minimizes banding.

Enhanced roller cleaning capability
– easy operation for shop staff

Exclusive cleaning sheet enables easy cleaning operations. No need to call in specialists.

[photo] Woman feeding a cleaning sheet of paper into the paper feed of printer


[image] Front of the Frontier DL600 printer with operation panel circled

Exceptional space saving with wall positioning

Operation on two sides of the printer (front and left side) enables the rear and right side to be positioned against a wall to save valuable shop space. Printer function is further enhanced with front operation panel. 

[image] Overhead view of Frontier DL 600 printer in the corner of a room with imagined drawing of a person standing in front of it
[photo] Frontier DL600 front operation panel displaying options for front and back of paper and lights for all 5 ink levels

Front operation panel

[image] Roll of 180mm paper next to 700ml ink cartridge

Minimum replacement of consumables

180-meter paper rolls up to 6” (152mm) in width and 700ml ink cartridges minimize replacement of paper and inks. 

[photo] Woman's arms loading 180mm paper roll into the printer

Elimination of paper magazine saving cost & space

As no magazine is required, costs can be saved and space for storing spare paper can be reduced.

[photo] Hand loading new ink cartridge in slot next to other cartridges, back printer ribbon sticking out of machine, and hand pulling waste paper disposal tray out of machine

Easy maintenance of consumables

Replacement of ink cartridges and back printer ribbons, and waste paper disposal operations are enhanced with simple “Open & Remove” maintenance capability. 

Versatile features respond to a variety of customer needs

Ability to handle paper sizes up to 12 × 48” (305 × 1,219 mm), and side sorter (capacity up to ten orders, print sizes up to 8 × 12” (203 × 305 mm) enables photo shops to respond to customers’ sophisticated and diversifying requirements. 

[image] Field of sunflowers and blue sky photo with text overlay for 2 × 48” (305 × 1,219 mm) paper size
[photo] Print and photo organizing tray, full of various photos, attached to DL600 printer