INSTAX® Mini 9 Limited Edition

NEW Discontinued

Purple and yellow mini 9 limited edition cameras

Limited Edition Only

Purple mini 9 camera and three photos with different color filters

Limited Edition Only

[photo] Close-up of Instax Mini 9 Limited Edition Films camera selfie mirror

You can check your framing with the mirror next to the lens.

Image of Close-Up Lens Attachment and image of a pink flower

Close-up shooting up to 35 cm away is possible.

Setting the brightness adjustment dial to the high-key mode mark allows you to take pictures with a softer impression.

Image of zoomed in High-Key mode setting of a mini 9 limited edition camera
Zoomed in image showing how to turn camera on - Step 1

Press the button beside the lens to turn power on.

Zoomed in image showing how to adjust the dial to the lit position - Step 2

Adjust the dial to the lit position.

Zoomed in image showing instant photo shooting up - Step 3

Shoot and obtain pictures instantly.

INSTAX Mini 9 Limited Edition automatically determines the best brightness for taking a picture, and informs you of the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp. Turn the brightness adjustment dial to the position (mark) of the lit lamp.

Image describing brightness adjustable Dial
  • Actual product colors may differ from colors shown on your monitor.