[photo] Open, serrated jaws of two ClutchCutter devices, side by side



An  ESD device with serrated jaw that can grasp, raise up, and cut the lesion. 

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DP2618DT -35-

[photo] Open, serrated jaws of DP2618DT-35 ClutchCutter device

DP2618DT -50-

[photo] Open, serrated jaws of DP2618DT-50 ClutchCutter device
[photo] Full-length view of ClutchCutter ESD device with handle, slider, active cord connector, insert portion, and jaws

Diathermic Slitter

Single use Diathermic Slitter DP2618DT


DP2618DT -35-

DP2618DT -50-

Maximum diameter of insertion portion

2.7 mm

Instrument channel diameter of compatible endoscope

2.8 mm or more

Working length

1800 mm

Jaw length

DP2618DT -35-
3.5 mm

DP2618DT -50-
5.0 mm

  • Product : Diathermic Slitter
  • GMDN: 61875
  • Generic name: Endoscopic electrosurgical electrode, monopolar, single-use
  • * Not all endoscopes that meet the above working length and forceps channel diameter are compatible.