ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion


Integrated MRI-US Fusion Prostate Biopsy system

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Treatment and Follow-up

ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion can store and export datasets to Focal Therapy planning software such as cryotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), and brachytherapy. For Cryotherapy, it is possible to display a simulation of the temperature distribution of the target area*1. It is also useful for treatment monitoring and active surveillance.

Brachytherapy – compatible with common Focal Treatment planning software

Cryotherapy zones: display of temperature distribution curves*1

External Contouring Software*1

External software which can be installed on existing Workstation at Radiology department 

  • Even in situations where ultrasound system is not available, contour extraction of MRI and CT data can be performed by installing software on your Workstation.  This will help to reduce the biopsy examination time. 
  • Possible to enter pathological diagnosis results (Gleason Score) after biopsy and create reports with the same user interface. 
  • Both data created by external contouring software and ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion can be transferred bi-directionally via DICOM and various media to provide optimum for Fusion imaging.
  • *1 Optional for BiopSee