ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight


The high-end model that makes users feel closer to premium class perfromance such as DeepInsight technology.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Redefining the way we see


Fujifilm Healthcare has been at the forefront of technology and product developments, responding to the challenges of users, throughout their history, since the birth of diagnostic ultrasound imaging.
An ultrasound system is an indispensable diagnostic tool in numerous medical fields, and can even provide advanced imaging support in surgical environments. 
Fujifilm Healthcare's ultrasound systems are designed to meet the ever-increasing expectations for precision in image quality, efficiency of examination and accuracy in diagnosis. 
Fujifilm Healthcare will continue to pursue increased depth of image enhancement by implementing all the technologies it has developed to continually meet the challenges ahead.
Fujifilm Healthcare's vision for the future of ultrasound imaging is “DeepInsight”.
It represents Fujifilm Healthcare's confidence in delivering the highest quality images and their determination to continue to innovate in order to reach ever higher standards of diagnostic imaging confidence.

Fujifilm Healthcare believes that innovation within 5 essential elements is required to achieve optimal ultrasound imaging.
These are encompassed by "DeepInsight".

1. Accuracy

Improve signal to noise ratio (S/N) without compromising resolution.

2. Reproducibility

Maintain image quality without inter-examiner and inter-patient variation.

3. Visibility

Deliver images that enable examiners to recognize abnormalities even in the most challenging cases.

4. Efficiency

Reduce the process of image optimization providing high quality diagnostic images.

5. Utilization of AI

Provide an enhanced level of diagnostic image quality with DeepInsight Technology, utilizing AI technology*1.

DeepInsight, which is an advanced noise reduction technology, eFocusing PLUS and Carving Imaging. The combination of these technologies enhances the signal from the tissues and delivers higher image quality with far less examiner dependency.

  • *1 The technology was developed and designed using machine learning, one of AI technologies. The performance and accuracy of the system do not automatically change after implementation.