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News Release

March 31, 2023

Transfer of FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems’ electronic medical record and medical-receipt systems related business to PHC Holdings’ subsidiary

This news release is issued by FUJIFILM Corporation in Japan.
Fujifilm makes no representation that products on this news release are commercially available in all countries and regions including the US and EU.
Approved uses of healthcare products vary by country and region.
Specifications and appearance of products are subject to change without notice.

TOKYO, March 31, 2023 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) has announced the transfer of the electronic medical record and medical-receipt systems related business*1 (hereafter the Business) of its consolidated subsidiary, FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems Corporation, to Wemex Corporation (hereafter Wemex), a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director and CEO: Shoji Miyazaki; hereafter PHCHD).

Today, FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation, FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems’ parent company, has entered into a share transfer agreement with Wemex, under which all outstanding share of a new company, a wholly-owned subsidiary to be established by FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation, to which the Business is succeeded, will be transferred to Wemex. The transfer is scheduled for October 2023.

Under its medium-term management plan “VISION2023,” Fujifilm is accelerating business growth in healthcare, identifying it as one of its key business fields. Fujifilm has positioned its Medical systems business as a growth driver in healthcare, and is leveraging its proprietary image processing technology and AI technology to deploy business in a wide range of areas, including X-ray diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, ultrasound diagnostics, in-vitro diagnostics and medical IT solutions. With medical IT solutions at the core of its business, Fujifilm is delivering high-quality diagnostic solutions globally by linking its various product lines based on the SYNAPSE medical imaging information system, which boasts the world’s top market share. 

The latest move comes after Fujifilm has decided that, amidst the effort to optimize medical systems category’s business portfolio, it would be best that the Business of FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems will be developed and grown by PHCHD, which has a strong market presence in the electronic medical record and medical-receipt systems for clinics in Japan and can expect synergies in sales and customer support. The Business of FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems will be transferred to the new company to be established by FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation, and all outstanding shares of the new company will be transferred to Wemex.

As part of its efforts to improve diagnostic efficiency and the quality of medical care, Fujifilm will accelerate its deployment of medical IT solutions including SYNAPSE, which it applies its advanced image processing technology and extensive insight into medical imaging, and integrated medical support platform that can consolidate and combinedly display electronic medical record information and other various medical data in a medical institution. Fujifilm also continues to strongly promote the development of AI technology that can be used for assisting medical diagnostic imaging, facilitating workflow at the medical frontline and delivering maintenance services for medical equipment. By swiftly providing products and services that utilize its AI technology, Fujifilm will achieve continuous growth in its medical systems business, while contributing to solving social issues such as early detection of diseases, addressing unmet medical needs and improving access to medical services.

Fujifilm will strive to develop and provide extensive diagnostic solutions of even higher quality, thereby contributing to advancing healthcare and maintaining and promoting people’s health.

  • *1 The Business includes development, sales and maintenance services of electronic medical record systems, medical-receipt computer, medical-receipt verification software, and electronic medication record system. 


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