September 29, 2021

First qualification production for Life Science facility

After completing construction, a new milestone has been reached for the new Life Science manufacturing facility in Tilburg. The first qualification product has been produced. This product will be validated by the customer in the coming months.

In recent months, a new factory at the Fujifilm site has been constructed for cell culture media. These are products for the biopharmaceutical industry that are used to make medicines and vaccines. The plant will be officially opened in late 2021.

The new facility is the third production site for cell culture media for Fujifilm, in addition to the United States and Japan. Located in a key European position, the site offers customers more local supply. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction of the new Tilburg facility has progressed smoothly and the facility is ready for this next phase of validation.

The facility will follow animal component-free cGMP manufacturing of dry powder media, liquid media, pH buffers, and Water for Injection (WFI production process. It follows values from the Fujifilm Sustainability Value Plan 2030, including the production and the use of sustainable technologies such as biomembranes for wastewater purification and 100% renewable electricity from wind energy.