ECHELON™ Smart Plus

High image quality and quiet performance combined with speed.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Experience enhanced SPEED with our SynergyDrive

Our "SynergyDrive" offers enhanced speed during MRI examination without reducing image quality while maintaining quietness.

without SynergyDrive
ECHELON Smart Plus


IP-RAPID is high-speed imaging using iterative processing, reducing scan times by up to 60% while maintaining image quality comparable to conventional imaging methods that don't apply IP-RAPID.

Auto Exam

Positioning, imaging and post-processing are all completed in one step. The examination time is shortened by simplifying operations.


Patient-friendly Quiet Examination

Quiet examination with SoftSound

Various technologies exist to reduce MRI acoustic noise. However, reducing acoustic noise often compromise on image quality and may extend scan time, making it unsuitable for routine examination. Other approaches need dedicated hardware. Our SoftSound noise reduction technology reduces the acoustic noise by up to 96%*1maintaining image quality and scan time, and without any dedicated hardware.

  • *1 Depending on imaging conditions


Ecological and Economical Running Cost

Our SmartECO effectively reduces power consumption

A compact scan room with an MRI unit with less heat discharge also reduces the air conditioning requirements of the examination and equipment rooms. The energy saving function together with the reduction of heat discharge can reduce running costs by 17%*2

without SmartECO

with SmartECO

  • *2 Depending on operating conditions and other factors.


Small Footprint Flexible Layout

  • *3 Comparison between ECHELON Smart and ECHELON Smart Plus.



Our hardware technologies for enhancing image quality

Workflow Coil System

Receiver coils support ease of patient setting and offer superb image quality

The number of receiver coils that must be set prior to the examination is minimized to reduce replacement time and effort. With a system designed for ease of use and with the adoption of special receiver coils for individual regions, significant reduction in examination time is attained whilst maintaining high image quality.

Workflow Coil System

for head & neck

for spine

for abdomen

for joints

Workflow coil system  Setting examples

High Performance RF System

Powerful RF output contributes to stable RF transmission

ECHELON Smart Plus is equipped with an RF power output of 18 kW. This is sufficient to provide clear images without deterioration of image quality even in the FSE sequence that applies refocus pulses continuously.

Major hardware specifications

ECHELON Smart Plus is equipped with high performance hardware system which is essential for creating high quality images.

High Performance Hardware
Gradient System

Maximum Gradient Strength 33mT/m         Maximum Slew Rate 130T/m/s

RF System

Maximum RF Output 18kW

High Order Shimming System