April 1, 2022

Fujifilm launches new Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona concept

  • Wonder Photo Shop is evolving to become a reference for the photographic culture, addressing the entire community: from analogue and instant photography enthusiasts to the photo amateur and digital professional photographers.
  • Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona is the origin and reference concept of an initiative that was born 7 years ago in Barcelona, becoming a new photo business concept that Fujifilm has been deploying in Spain, Europe and around the world.
Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona

Fujifilm confirms its commitment with the photographic culture, showed by the new Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona, a new point of reference for amateur and professional photographers. 

On 8th October 2015, the first shop in Europe under the project of Wonder Photo Shop opened in Barcelona. At number 1 of the popular Gran de Gràcia street, a project full of enthusiasm became a reality with the aim of drifting photography to a level where creativity, design and technology come together to turn our memories and special moments into a unique and personal experience.

During these 7 years of the Wonder Photo Shop, the concept has expanded throughout Spain, Europe and has jumped to other continents, encouraging creativity and customization of photo images that make up our most valuable memories.

Following Fujifilm's claim, "Never Stop", Wonder Photo Shop evolves to become a reference point for photographic culture, covering from the most advanced technologies in digital cameras to the most efficient and environmentally friendly photographic printing systems, as well as analogue photography; single-use cameras, film and instant cameras that are gaining more and more followers among young people every day. In addition, it will soon have new services and attractive new products that will delight photography lovers.

"We hope that all our friends will join us in this new 360º degrees project and that we can continue to expand the number of followers that Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona has garnered over the years, the origin of a large global community that continues to promote photography in all its dimensions, from analogue to digital and including the most disruptive technologies such as AI,"

says Eduardo López, Director of Imaging and Recording Media at Fujifilm Europe Gmb, Sucursal en España.

About Fujifilm Spain

Of Japanese origin, Fujifilm has more than 50 subsidiaries throughout Europe and employs around 4,500 people in R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer service. Of this total, 230 work in Iberia (Spain and Portugal). The company's mainland subsidiaries serve the fields of healthcare technology, biopharmaceuticals, electronic materials, industrial and chemical products, graphic systems, optical devices, recording media and the entire spectrum of photography. 

Over the past 20 years, the Fujifilm Group has focused strongly on healthcare, from diagnosis to prevention and treatment. In addition, it offers all patient care services such as diagnostic equipment, R&D and manufacturing of CDMOs in advanced therapies, gene therapies and vaccines, as well as providing cell culture media and regenerative medicine solutions.

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