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Please be forewarned that when receiving your call on the contact below, there are circumstances in which we may record the conversations to understand your inquiry or request precisely as well as to confirm our support status later. Please see here for the purposes for using your personal information included in telephone records.

  • For customers in Japan who require after-sales service of FUJIFILM Business Innovation products, please refer to the label affixed to your product and contact your FUJIFILM Business Innovation sales representative or local dealer. If in question, please contact the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Customer Information Center (CIC) Free dial: 0120-27-4100
  • For customers in Japan who would like information regarding FX products, please refer to the chart below: (Presently catalogs available in Japanese only)
Inquiries in Japan Product Inquiries
Product Inquiries
Catalog Requests
General inquiries about FUJIFILM Business Innovation
Product Inquiries
Catalog Requests
Technical Support
DocuPrint C411 / C412
DocuPrint C525 A
DocuPrint C620
DocuPrint C625PS / C626PS
DocuPrint C830
DocuPrint C1250
DocuPrint C1255
DocuPrint C1616
DocuPrint C2220 / C2221
DocuPrint C2424 / C2425 / C2426
DocuPrint C3140 / C3530 / C3540
DocuPrint C5450
DocuPrint CG835 II
DocuPrint CG835
DocuPrint CG835 Lite
DocuPrint 160
DocuPrint 180 / 210
DocuPrint 181 / 211
DocuPrint 187A
DocuPrint 200
DocuPrint 201PS
DocuPrint 205
DocuPrint 250
DocuPrint 255
DocuPrint 260
DocuPrint 280
DocuPrint 305
DocuPrint 340A
DocuPrint 350JM
DocuPrint 360
DocuPrint 400 / 401
DocuPrint 405 / 505
Color Laser Wind / LaserWind (except Laser Wind 1100)
WorkCentre 1150J / 1151J 1152J / 2150J
Document WorkCentre 450C
Laser Wind 1100
Telecopier 130
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