FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Web Accessibility Policy

The web accessibility policy has been established so that people with disabilities as well as senior citizens can make use of the web site. Efforts are made to secure, and maintain/improve the web accessibility.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation official site (fujifilm.com/fb) contents

Conforms with level A of WCAG2.0

Please note that the following items are not currently targeted for provision but the appropriate support to these items will be considered in the future.

  • Video/audio content
  • External resources such as Maps/SNS buttons
  • Document files (PDF) etc.
  • Installing block skip/top anchor
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 2.1 and CSS3
  • JavaScript

Corporate Communications

Degree of Compatibility as of March 2021 based on test results using a checklist against intentionally/randomly extracted 50 URLs.

  • Partially conforms with WCAG2.0 level A