FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Measures for “Supply Chain” and “Governance” Taken to Achieve SVP2030

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Materiality (Priority Issues)

Supply Chain

  • Enhance supply chain management and continue responsible manufacturing (Implement CSR at own manufacturing sites and expand ethical procurement)
  • Promote respect for human rights


Ensure corporate governance (fair business practices, risk management, etc.)

Related SDGs

Supply Chain Management

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is globally promoting procurement that takes into account not only economic aspects such as finance but also CSR aspects such as environment, society, and corporate governance. We regard suppliers as “partners who share a philosophy and policies with us.” With these partners we aim to share CSR values, minimize risks related to the environment, human right, labor and corporate ethics through communications and build relationships to enhance mutual prosperity and competitiveness.

Major Activities in FY2020

Activities report of Fujifilm Group :
Fujifilm Holdings Sustainability Report (Management Performance : 2.5 Supply Chain Management)

Respect for Human Rights

As a member of the Fujifilm Group, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is implementing measures to respect human rights in line with the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior, Code of Conduct and Fujifilm Gpoup Human Rights Statement. For details about our basic approach to human rights-related issues and progress with the measures, please refer to the FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report (Management Performance)

Fujifilm Holdings Sustainability Report (Management Performance: 4.5 Human Rights)

  • Basic Approach
  • Human Rights Due Diligence Process
  • Priority Human Rights Issues to Be Addressed (Identified Human Rights Risks)
  • Prevention and Mitigation of Adverse Impact on Human Rights and Progress
  • Grievance Mechanism on Human Rights
  • Collaborative Initiatives Regarding Human Rights

Major Activities in FY2020

Corporate Governance

FUJIFILM Business Innovation regards corporate governance as an important management issue and as the basis for the company to provide customers with outstanding value and contribute to the sustainable development of society. We will ensure open, fair and clear corporate activities as a Fujifilm Group member and enhance our systems and programs according to changes in the social and business environment so that we can continue to solve social issues through our business operations.


Activities Report of Entire Fujifilm Group is here :
Fujifilm Holdings Sustainability Report (Management Performance : 2.1 Corporate Governance, 2.2 Compliance & Risk Management)

Key CSR Indicators

Key CSR Indicators

  • Basic approach
  • Promotion system and mechanism
  • Initiatives we have taken (including relief and corrective measures)

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