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Achieving a Sustainable Society  CSR Reporting of FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its Affiliates 2021

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Committed to be our customers’ trusted partner in driving business innovations

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CSR Policies

The Fujifilm Group’s business originated with motion picture photographic film, a product for which lots of clean water and fresh air are essential to the manufacturing process. It is also a product which requires customers to “buy on trust,” since they cannot try it out beforehand. Thus, for the Fujifilm Group, an approach which emphasizes environmental conservation and maintaining the trust of stakeholders has been a major premise at the very foundations of our business activities. This approach is the starting point for our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and continues to be passed down within our Group, as the Fujifilm Group’s “DNA.”

The Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR

The Fujifilm Group’s approach to corporate social responsibility is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice through sincere and fair business activities.

We will not only fulfill our economic and legal responsibilities, but also:

  1. endeavor to understand global as well as local environmental and social issues and create value to address these issues through our business activities.
  2. continue to evaluate the environmental and social impact of our business activities and strive to improve the performance while increasing our positive impact on society.
  3. constantly reassess whether our activities are responding adequately to the demands and expectations of society through proactive stakeholder engagement with our stakeholders.
  4. enhance corporate transparency by actively disclosing information.

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CSR plan

The Fujifilm Group has drawn up its Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030) as a CSR plan specifying targets for the FY2030 as its goal, which is expected to lay the foundations of the Group’s business management strategies for sustainable growth. Under this plan, the Fujifilm Group will introduce further measures to resolve social issues through our business activities, including the launch of innovative technologies, products and services, in our aim to develop into a company that can make a greater contribution to creating a sustainable society.

Sustainable Value Plan 2030

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CSR Activity Report

Introductions for the CSR activities of the Fujifilm Group. Environment, health, daily life, work style, supply chain, and governance details can be viewed by clicking each icon.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation's Efforts to Resolve Social Issues

Introducing our activities in each area of “Working Style”, “Health”, “Daily Life” “Environment”, “Supply Chain” and “Governance” in SVP2030.

Connecting with Society

CSR Information Policy

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