FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Engagement with Employees

1. Introduction

It is people that support FUJIFILM Business Innovation. For a company to continue to be sustainable, we believe it is important that respective diverse employees with various characters and backgrounds display their maximum abilities, make changes based on problem awareness of their own and not borrowed from others, and continue taking up challenges. FUJIFILM Business Innovation will prepare the environment and promote the development of human resources so that all employees can “think and act independently” and “take the lead in making changes.”

2. Toward Improvement of Employee Awareness

FUJIFILM Business Innovation, its domestic affiliated companies/sales subsidiaries in Japan, and its overseas sales subsidiaries have been continuously conducting employee surveys respectively in which elements necessary for each country/region have been added to the company-wide common index of “Core Morale”.
The survey items are mainly composed of grasping an employee’s state of spontaneous willingness to contribute (understanding of company’s direction/sense of belonging to company/willingness to contribute) and environmental factors for making the most of employees (organization, supervisor, job, human affairs). The survey also consists of original questions according to the characteristics of each company/organization and space for freely writing comments. Survey results are fed back to each company/organization and are utilized as important information for formulating management policies and resolving workplace challenges in each organization. The questions of the Japan domestic version were reformed as “Engagement Survey” in FY2018, where both domestic and overseas versions enable us to understand the employees’ spontaneous willingness to contribute to the company and demonstrated levels of desired behavior while continuity from the survey contents in the past is maintained.

  • Note “Core Morale” is the collection of items that FUJIFILM Business Innovation regards as important for measuring employee awareness and consists of 5 items, which are “satisfaction from work”, “satisfaction from workplace”, “reliability to supervisor”, “human resource management”, and “organization management”.

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3. Promotion of Work Style Reform

We at FUJIFILM Business Innovation have appealed to the society on the need for work style reforms since 1970’s when the catchphrase “From ‘moretsu’ to beautiful” (meaning “Quit vehemence and take beauty”) had been promoted. We have continued our efforts in work style reforms while promptly establishing systems that answer the needs of the age and the society.
In recent years, we are aiming to become a “company where every employee works lively”, “company where diverse human resources can actively be involved”, and “company where employees can continue to work healthy both physically and mentally”. We are also attempting to enhance systems that increase flexibility in work time and place, and to improve business processes and awareness/climate, and realizing productivity improvement as an entire organization.
The Fujifilm Corporation Group’s CSR plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030” also promotes “work style” as an important challenge and declares that they will “expand the work style reforms of their company to reforms to the society where everyone can obtain satisfaction from work”. a value offering strategy announced in 2018, FUJIFILM Business Innovation employees are making efforts to provide solution services that lead to “work style reform” of customers based on experience of business improvements performed by themselves.

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4. Developing Human Resources Who Think and Act Independently

What we at FUJIFILM Business Innovation need is human resources with ability to respond to changes and implement reforms. We are making various efforts so that each employee can develop a career in which they can feel their growth through the development of their ability, aggressively tackling new challenges, and give rise to changes.

Education/career development assistance/global human resource development

We at FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its domestic affiliated companies/sales subsidiaries, are conducting a program as education by hierarchy where challenges toward changes are set and behavior changes occur through practice. The education contents are reviewed according to each level of hierarchy in order to raise the ability level to make and execute proposals for reform challenges. Human resource development programs systematized by job type are also developed and support strengthening of expertise.

In addition, in order to support career development of employees, we are improving the mechanism for employees to take another look at their strong/weak points and independently plan and take on the challenge to achieve their next career. All employees create their “Career Development Sheet” each year and share the content with their superiors through interviews. A development plan and cycle of action in reflection of the employee’s career goal/plan is implemented.

From the viewpoint of human resource globalization, overseas dispatching of domestic resources and inviting overseas resources are together in progress. For overseas dispatching of domestic resources, we are assisting the development of human resources to become leaders who can lead the company business from a global perspective through work experience at overseas affiliated companies in Asia/pacific and American regions. For inviting overseas resources, we are assisting the development of human resources who will be able to lead future businesses in their overseas countries while deeply understanding management policies in Japan by accepting their stay in Japan for a fixed period,.
In addition to the above, through studying abroad at overseas/domestic educational institutions, we are assisting the development of business leaders who can realize management strategies of All-FB and highly specialized human resources who can lead in important technology areas.

Performance Evaluation/Promotion/Benefit & Compensation

Having realized the necessity for “aggressive and reform-oriented organizational climate” in order to advance one step further from the past frame of mind, accelerate the launch of new businesses and to strengthen existing businesses, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has reformed its personnel system in April, 2019.
The approach and criteria for performance evaluation/benefit & compensation, and criteria for promotion has been revised so that employees with high performance are evaluated highly. As for promotion, employees with high abilities are aggressively promoted more than in the past and regardless of age for the purpose of broadening their sphere of activities. By thorough application of the merit system in performance evaluation/benefit & compensation, employees who will take the lead in reforms are encouraged to step forward, which will lead to the realization of the desired organizational climate.

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5. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

Approach to Diversity by FUJIFILM Business Innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation places “respect diversity” as one of the 6 values (“The Shared Values”) that it emphasizes.
The business of FUJIFILM Business Innovation, it’s overseas and Japan domestic affiliated companies is expanding globally. FUJIFILM Business Innovation is involved with a wide variety of customers and markets as well as associates who are working together. Respect to diversity is essential in order to utilize the power of people with various backgrounds and to transform the power into a yet stronger power.
We at FUJIFILM Business Innovation will contribute to building a rich society by offering new values created from relationship where people mutually learn and stimulate each other. To be specific, we mutually accept not only “diversity of attribute” including age, race/ethnic group, nationality, gender, presence of disability, and intimate orientation/gender identity but also “diversity of values” including abilities, experiences, knowledge, ways of thinking based on such values, and at times, exchange opinions to merge these diverse values.
For this purpose, it is important that every individual working at FUJIFILM Business Innovation hold a high moral, understand the basic concept of respect for human rights, and demonstrate it through their behavior. “Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct” also committed to respect human rights.

Diversity Promotion Policy of FUJIFILM Business Innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation positions diversity promotion, which respects, accepts, and utilizes various individualities as an essential element for improving its competitiveness, as one of important administrative strategies. Under this promotion, the following will be enhanced:

  1. Promotion of work style reforms that enables diverse human resources to demonstrate high performance
  2. Integration of diverse knowledge for better business judgment
  3. Acquisition and utilization of excellent human resources
  4. Provision of products/services that bring new value to the society

Specific efforts

For realization of the above policies, the following efforts will be made.

I. Promotion of active participation of diverse human resources in our own company

Based on the recognition that what supports companies is people, FUJIFILM Business Innovation will reinforce the system for the active participation of domestic and overseas human resources by strategical allocation of human resources at a global level in addition to enhancement of various education and systems/programs for the purpose of maximizing growth of individuals and organizations.
For promotion of active participation by women in response to “The Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” enforced in 2016, FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its domestic affiliates formulated “Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” and have been disclosing related information. At present, each company is also deploying efforts based on respective action plan and is promoting active participation by women.
For employment of persons with disabilities, in supporting the purpose of normalization, Fuji Xerox is aiming to realize workplaces comfortable for everyone, whether disabled or not. Since 2018 fiscal year, having Fujifilm Holdings Corporation as the business owner under the calculation exception for enterprise groups, efforts have been made in promoting employment of persons with disabilities. Complying with regulations, we will make further efforts in realizing a company where every individual may lively and actively participate.
For active participation of global human resources, refer to “4. Developing Human Resources Who Think and Act Independently”.

Certificates for promotion of active participation by women

  • “Platinum Kurumin”: Certificate based on Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation
    Fuji Xerox (alone) certified in 2016 fiscal year
    Fuji Xerox Tama certified in 2017 fiscal year
  • Kurumin: A certification based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children
    Fuji Xerox Tokyo certified in fiscal 2011
    Fuji Xerox Hiroshima certified in fiscal 2013
    Fuji Xerox Kagoshima certified in fiscal 2015
    Fuji Xerox Niigata certified in fiscal 2018
    Fuji Xerox Chiba certified in fiscal 2018
    Fuji Xerox System Service certified in fiscal 2020
  • “Eruboshi” second stage certified based on Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace
    Fuji Xerox (alone) certified in 2017 fiscal year
  • “FY 2016 Diversity Management Selection 100” awarded by Economy, Trade and Industry Minister
    Fuji Xerox (alone) awarded in 2016 fiscal year

II. Promotion of diverse work styles and innovation creation for customers and society

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is providing to its customers a service menu consisting of diverse work style models that we actually practiced and confirmed as valid. For example, high productivity was accomplished by mobile working (i.e. using mobile devices at locations other than the office) and utilizing satellite offices. Another approach involved document sharing which improved operational efficiency in terms of information.
With the aim to create innovation by diverse “people”, we are also aggressively providing occasions where methods for solving challenges are discussed together with customers and partner companies, and new mechanisms are studied and created. Through these efforts, we aim to provide diverse values to customers and the society.

Example of services provided to customers who promote diverse work styles
  • Menu concerning work style reforms/mobile device utilization
  • Menu concerning operational efficiency improvement
  • Column article “Smart Work Hacks” where tips for work style reform are collected
  • “Future Edge” which is an activity base aiming for co-creation with customers/partners

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6. Work Safety/Health Promotion

Work safety

“Fujifilm Corporation Group Code of Conduct” clarifies guidelines for “occupational safety and health”. FUJIFILM Business Innovation holds the philosophy of “ensuring safety takes priority over all operations” and is conducting company-wide activities that aims to create safe and comfortable workplaces” and “both physically and mentally healthy employees” at all domestic and overseas companies. Governance over domestic/overseas companies is enhanced and thoroughly conducted, and education programs are provided with case studies that promote understanding. In terms of the ALL-FB Safety and Health Regulations in Japan, the basic concept of health is stipulated. Occupational physicians individually interview employees who work long hours, and make recommendations to the target departments when necessary.

Health promotion

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation’s “Health Promotion Group” was established in July, 2018 for the purpose of enhancement of health promotion, and Fuji Xerox and Fujifilm are operating as one in formulating and promoting action plan based on unified policies.

To be specific, health promotion policies common in the Fujifilm Corporation Group and priority measures have been formulated and efforts are proceeding upon setting health indexes (KPI) common in the Fujifilm Corporation Group such as to lifestyle diseases, cancer prevention, and smoking cessation.
In addition, health care information of Fujifilm Corporation Group employees centrally managed at the health data bank (HDB) and an infrastructure for promoting management based on data is prepared.
Furthermore, activities with the aim of maintaining/improving employees’ health are conducted by utilizing Fujifilm Health Care Center and endoscope clinics.

Even more, collaboration health is being promoted with the health insurance society, efforts are being made to reduce smoking rate and metabolic syndrome rate, and an event called “Arukatsu” (an event in which the average number of steps of each team is automatically counted every day and which ranking can be viewed by the participants) is being conducted where participants can expect for the promotion of their health while enjoying collaboration with others in their team competition in achieving one goal.

Mental health promotion is also taken as an important issue. We are conducting detailed analysis of mental illness cases to understand the sign of the illness before it occurs. In addition, the Health Promotion Group is currently conducting group analysis based on the result of stress check and is promoting improvements to workplaces where there are stress issues.

In September 2019, we announced the “Fujifilm Corporation Group Health Management Declaration” and will continue to accelerate our effort to improve employees’ health globally.

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7. Labor-management Relations/Pension Plan

Labor-management relations

In labor-management relationship of FUJIFILM Business Innovation, the basic spirit is “take care of people” and “develop the company”, so that both labor and management build an equal and responsible relationship based on trust, and bilaterally communicate on this basis of common understanding concerning facts and sincere dialogue. By maintaining/developing the labor-management relationship based on the basic spirit, efforts will be advanced in improving workplace environments where employees work energetically and conducting health promotion with the aim for further growth of our company.

Pension plan

FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its Japan domestic affiliated companies/sales subsidiaries offer a pension plan to its employees based on two systems, common Defined Benefit Corporate Pension Plan (DB) and Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DC).

For the pension investment of DB, efforts are made in obtaining stable income by thorough dispersing investment and reducing risks in order to secure sufficient pension assets for the sure payment of future pension benefits. For the operation of DC, educational opportunities such as continual investment education by e-learning for employees and education concerning pension systems for new employees are provided to employees of FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its domestic affiliated companies/sales subsidiaries equally.

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