eNewsletter - May 2021

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We are now FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Fuji Xerox is now FUJIFILM

We announced on April 8, 2021 that our name has changed from Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited.

“The new name embodies our commitment to the challenge of being a true global leader delivering innovations to our customers’ businesses,” said Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited. “Our mission is to create a communications environment that enables customers to utilize information and knowledge to better display their creativity and focus more on their core businesses. As our new name indicates, with respect to our mission, innovative products and services that meet changing market needs will be offered under the Fujifilm brand.”

Read the press release announcement to know more about our new mission and direction.

We are organizing "FUJIFILM Business Innovation Day" on May 21, 2021 to showcase our new business strategies and new products to be launched under the Fujifilm brand. Due to the current COVID-19 precautionary measures, only media and VIPs will attend. Keep up to date with our news as we reveal more information about our innovative products!



Where to Start Automating Your Business with a Reduced Budget

From the smallest businesses to the world’s mega-corporations, all of them are thinking of innovative cost saving ideas to help grow their profits. The big question is, if your business needs to rapidly expand, do you have a plan to scale up your systems?

As many as 39% of companies in Asia have not digitized their operations. This often means a costly waste of time and resources, as well as a missed opportunity to leverage digital transformation. There are especially big cost and management advantages for small businesses.

The most powerful asset for any company is information. Systems information. Customer information. Product information. Sales information. But without easy access to it, information is useless. And access to such information has to be fast, mobile, affordable and secure.

Here are a few aspects you can start considering while sticking to your cost control plans:

  1. Look to the clouds
  2. Make information accessible and easy
  3. Automate and innovate
  4. Technology that speaks your language
  5. Data security without the high costs

(Extract from blog article)



ESG Report Update to Comply with HKEX Recent Climate Change Disclosure Requirements

The Fujifilm Group has published climate-related disclosures on governance, strategy, risk management, indexes and targets based on Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations in FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation Sustainability Report 2020. The Group has also established its own 2°C and 4°C scenario to identify risks, countermeasures and opportunities in respective scenarios.

As the revision of ESG Reporting Guide by The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited became effective for financial years commencing on or after 1st July 2020, we have accordingly upgraded iESG, our locally developed ESG data management tool, to fully comply with the tightened ESG disclosure requirements for listed companies.

iESG new survey module

A brand-new survey module has been built to facilitate the provision of climate change disclosures (Aspect A4 mentioned in the revised HKEX ESG Guide). Users can easily follow through to complete the climate risk assessment survey, then gain a better understanding and insights on their company’s climate-related risks and opportunities, based on the TCFD framework from the system generated report.


Helping Sustainability Shine at Chow Tai Fook

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group has been investing considerable efforts in looking into the long-term sustainability of its operations. When reviewing their sustainability journey, the Group realized that there were opportunities to further drive sustainability efforts – beyond reporting and community philanthropic contributions to a more holistic sustainability strategy.

The company sought to streamline reporting processes, enhance sustainability communications within various departments and business units and pursue sustainability that develops into business approaches. The Group envisioned driving sustainability with a long term strategy and engaged FUJIFILM BI to bring it to fruition, by using iESG to strengthen data governance and KPI management.



No Shark Fin Commitment

As a local sustainability pioneer, we manage supply chain guided by the sustainable procurement principle. We were verified under the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement - Guidance in 2017 as we intended to execute sustainable procurement concepts that move towards reducing the impact on the environment.

To conserve life below water, we have signed the No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Hong Kong and updated our sustainability policy to completely ban the consumption, trade, and promotion of shark fin products at our business operations or all company activities. As a recognition of our support, we were listed on WWF’s website as one of the companies that say no to shark fins.

Read more about our updated Sustainability Policy.


Triple Gold Award Granted by the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme

We recently received our first Triple Gold Award from the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme for our website (formerly under the domain "www.fujixerox.com.hk") accessibility.

To enterprises and organizations, an accessible Internet not only helps business development but also contributes to building an inclusive society. We advocate that everyone, including people with or without disabilities, has the right to access the internet at their convenience, and have it at their fingertips.